12 Days of Xmas Book Reviews, Day 2: The Snowman – 40th Anniversary Edition

By Emma Davis

14th December 2018
The Snowman

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Illustrated by: Raymond Briggs

Publisher: Puffin

There’s no denying that The Snowman is an absolute classic but it’s hard to believe that it’s 40 years old.  Christmas is not complete without snuggling up to watch the adaptation on TV or read the book.  It’s been a favourite of mine since I was a child and I loved sharing it with my own children.  Now teenagers, my children think they’re too old to share in the joy of The Snowman but luckily, I can share this classic with the children I teach.

This very special 40th anniversary celebration edition is a real treat – it oozes luxury.  With a gorgeous pale blue hardback cover, beautifully embossed with snowflakes, it invites you to delve in.  The cut out featuring the snowman is a fantastic feature.

What makes The Snowman so special?  It’s timeless, enjoyed across generations without losing appeal.  There’s no need for words as the beautiful illustrations convey the magic of the story beautifully.  I love that children are able to tell the story themselves, using the pictures as cues.  There’s lots to think about with young children – why doesn’t The Snowman like the fire?  How does he fly?  How does the boy feel when The Snowman melts?

The reading of The Snowman is a calming, gentle experience for the reader and audience alike.  It’s a perfect book for sharing, all sitting around together to discuss the pictures and what’s happening.  The Snowman really encompasses the magic of Christmas and rightly deserves to be known as a festive classic for many more years to come.

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