12 Days Of Xmas Book Reviews, Day 4: Mrs Claus Takes the Reins

By Emma Davis

16th December
Mrs Claus takes the reins

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Author: Sue Fliess

Illustrator: Mark Chambers

Publisher: Two Lions

It’s Christmas Eve morning and there’s lots to do at the North Pole…but where is Santa Claus?  On no…

“I’m stuffy, I’m sneezy, I’m slow as a yeti,

My big ho-ho-ho isn’t holiday ready.”

With Santa feeling poorly, surely there’s only one option – Christmas will have to be cancelled.  But no, Mrs Claus has the perfect solution… she will go in his place! Without a moments delay, she assembles the elves, maps out her route and sets to work packing the sleigh.  Mrs Claus manages the tasks with ease, adding a touch of grace and style to the role.  Not only does she deliver all of the presents with time to spare, she also contends with tornadoes and blizzards, a leaking fuel tank and a near disaster when Vixen’s reins become tangled.  What a woman!  After all that hard work, there’s only one thing for it when she returns to the North Pole – a big sleep.  Well done, Mrs Claus!

Children will giggle at the wacky Christmas Eve adventures of Mrs Claus.  Her escapades provide a great talking point about her bravery, perseverance and determination to get the job done.

Mrs Claus Takes the Reins offers a cheery, feel-good take on the traditional magic of Christmas Eve.  The rhyming text is perfect for the quirky story and flows beautifully making it easy to read aloud. Children can easily follow the story through the stunning illustrations by Mark Chambers which leap out from each double page spread, bringing the text to life.  Look out for the homage to ‘The Snowman.’

This wonderful comical book will be a favourite on Christmas Eve as children wonder if Mrs Claus will be paying them a visit this year!

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