12 Days of Xmas Book Reviews, Day 8: Emily Brown and Father Christmas

By Emma Davis

20th December 2018
Emily Brown and Father Christmas

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Author: Cressida Cowell

Illustrator: Neal Layton

Publisher: Hodder

Emily Brown and her sidekick, Stanley, are back… this time for a festive adventure with Father Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve and although Emily Brown should be sleeping soundly, her night is disturbed by the misfortunes of Father Christmas.  Shunning the usual means of delivery presents, this year, Father Christmas decides to opt for a modern approach.  Will it be a success?

With a ‘Ho-ho-help!’, Father Christmas summons the help of Emily Brown and Stanley when his mad cap inventions continually let him down.  From the very latest climbing equipment and a super modern sleigh with ‘turbo whatsits and jet-thingummys’ to fancy new navigation technology, Father Christmas seems fully prepared.  But where is the traditional magic of Christmas?  When the modern methods fail, Emily Brown is called upon to save Christmas… especially when Father Christmas comes down with a sniffle!

It’s time for Emily Brown and Stanley to take charge!  Tucking Father Christmas up in a cosy chair by the fire, they set off into the night on their very special mission.  Not only do they succeed in delivering all of the presents across the whole world, they do it without modern technology.  They do it with magic!

Emily Brown and Father Christmas is beautifully illustrated by the talented Neal Layton.  There’s lots to look at and plenty to bring on a giggle!  Perfectly written for an Early Years audience, this is sure to become a real festive favourite, year after year.

This is a wonderfully festive story of determination and perseverance, sprinkling in a bit of Christmas magic along the way.  It serves as a reminder that Christmas is magical and all you have to do is believe.

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