12 Days Of Xmas Book Reviews, Day 9: Ten Little Elves

By Emma Davis

21st December 2018
Ten Little Elves

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Author: Mike Brownlow

Illustrator: Simon Rickerty

Publisher: Orchard Books

Ten Little Elves is a super fun counting book with a comical festive twist.  This issue is a board back and its small size and thick pages make it easy for little hands to hold and turn the pages.  The marvellous sparkly cover makes it very inviting.  It’s also the perfect size to pop in a stocking!

The Christmas elves and busy making toys until they hear a shout from Santa –

“The Reindeer! Help!

I think they’re really ill!

We need the magic cough drops from the Reindeer Doctor’s Cave.

Can you fetch them, little elves? Then Christmas will be saved!”

Thankfully, the Christmas elves leap into action, eager to save the day.  Unfortunately, it’s not an easy job and many hazards appear along the way and the number of elves decrease, page by page.  There’s a run in with a husky team, a growling polar bear and a yowling yeti and a run in with the Ice Queen.  Three little elves manage to find their way to the Doctor’s and although two more have a mishap before making it home, one little elf saves the day and delivers the cough drops.  Luckily, it perks them up ready for their Christmas journey and before long Santa makes it back where the ten elves are reunited, all ready for a festive party.

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