Au Pair in America are returning to Childcare Expo

1st June 2017

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We are excited to announce that former participant on our programme Martyna, will be joining us at  Childcare Expo in Manchester to talk about her personal experience on the Au Pair in America programme and how her experiences as an au pair led her to a job with Au Pair in America in London.   

“Hi everyone,

It’s amazing to think that almost two years ago to the day I was starting my Au Pair in America adventure. At that point in my life I was only 18 years old, had just finished school and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my future. The only thing I knew was that I enjoyed looking after children, I wanted to travel and make my dreams come true.

Through my year as an au pair I became part of an amazing host family who treated me as their daughter and sister. I never felt like they didn’t want me there and I never regretted my decision to spend a year in the USA. I had some bad days of course and sometimes I just wanted to go home and see my family, but I didn’t let those days spoil my experience and I believe that made me stronger and that’s why I have ended up where I am today.

One of the best things about being an Au Pair in America for me was the chance it gave me to travel around the USA. I planned a few trips and went travelling by myself and that was one of the best experiences of my life. I spent one week travelling around the West Coast of America. I started in Seattle, flew to San Francisco for two days, took a bus to LA and then I joined a Trek America trip and with a group of super fun women, we went camping in Arizona and in the Grand Canyon National Park and our trip ended in Las Vegas. The trip was full of wonderful views and breath-taking moments and I will never forget it.

I also got to explore parts of the USA with my host family. We spent Christmas in South Carolina and I was amazed how warm it was for December! Since it was a little Southern town I had the chance to explore the town, watch lots of movies with my host mother and during the day I took my host children for bike rides around the neighbourhood. Since they loved that place so much we went back for Easter and we went to this amazing horse show, we all got dressed up and ate a fabulous lunch in a huge tent which looked better than most of the restaurants I have ever been too. I love my host family and we still e-mail each other all the time. They are coming to visit me in London later this year and I am so excited about that!

Those are just a few moments of my au pair year and they are the reason why I decided to work for Au Pair in America when I returned to Poland. I became an interviewer for Au Pair in America in Poland so I could help other people have the same unforgettable experiences in the USA as an au pair. I think this programme is the best opportunity for young people to become more independent and to get to know other cultures. When I saw there was a job vacancy at the Au Pair in America head office in London I knew I had to apply and here I am 2 months later loving my new job. I am twenty years old, I am completely self-sufficient, I’ve travelled all over the world, worked with amazing and positive people and none of that would have been possible if I hadn’t clicked ‘Apply Now’.

I have so much more to say about my experience as an Au Pair in America and that is why I hope to see you at the Childcare Expo in Manchester.”

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