Why are blogs important in the education sector?

12th July 2018

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SEN Resources Blog – by Georgina Durrant

I’m Georgina and I run The SEN Resources Blog at www.senresourcesblog.com, a blog that provides advice, learning activities and recommendations of toys, books and resources for children with Special Educational Needs. I’ve worked in education all my professional life, as a teacher and then at SENCo.

I recently attended the Manchester Childcare Expo as a way of networking with childcare professionals and exploring the various different products on display for children with SEN. I also visited in order to promote The SEN Resources Blog and help my site to reach a wider audience.

It might seem like everyone has a blog nowadays, but I believe, written regularly and with good content, they can play a valuable role in the education sector.

Here’s why…

  • Collaboration – Teachers and other educational professionals shouldn’t and can’t be expected to reinvent the wheel every time they plan a lesson or activity. There simply isn’t enough time. Therefore, following blogs by email or social media provides a great way of discovering (up to date) tried and tested learning activities. Blogs are also incredibly interactive – readers can comment and ‘chat’ with the author, discussing how the ideas have worked in practise and suggesting other ideas to add to it. A fantastic way of collaborating with other professionals!
  • Networking – The networking value of blogs shouldn’t be underestimated. I have been fortunate enough to ‘talk to’ (via my blog and social media) many people in the education sector whom I admire and look up to. Without my blog, I would not have had this amazing access.
  • Sharing thoughts on products – There’s some fantastic and genius products out there for children and it’s wonderful to be given the opportunity by brands to showcase their products on my site. It’s also brilliant to be in a position to help parents and teachers discover useful, educational resources that could benefit their children/students. Blogs are a fantastic source of recommendations for resources.
  • Free advice – In my opinion, blogs are a great source of free advice on niche topics. They can help you with suggestions on everything from surviving sleep deprivation to discovering how to develop a child’s fine motor skills. What makes them stand out from traditional websites is that they are often more personal, relating real life experiences of the same situations.

The SEN Resources Blog can be found at www.senresourcesblog.com and on Twitter www.twitter.com/Cheshiresentut, Instagram www.instagram.com/cheshiresentutor and Facebook www.facebook.com/Cheshiresentutor.

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