Book review – Ruby’s Worry by Emma Davis

16th August 2018

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Ruby's Worry - Tom Percival

Author: Tom Percival

Published by: Bloomsbury

Ruby’s Worry has been difficult to review, as I really felt I wanted to do it justice. Since receiving it, I’ve had the enormous pleasure of enjoying it with many Preschool children. Each time I read it, the discussions and ideas evolve, making this a firm favourite in the classroom.

What makes it so special?

Ruby is the most lovable, inspiring character who young children will easily relate to.  She is simply charming – ‘Ruby loved being Ruby’ and was perfectly happy until she discovers a worry. Although the worry starts out small, it grows bigger and bigger day by day. Wherever Ruby goes, the worry goes too and soon it begins to stop her doing the things she loves. The pesky worry becomes so big that it fills up half of the school bus! Will it ever go away?

Poor Ruby. Her worry is the only thing she thinks about but the magic happens when she meets a boy, also with a worry, and soon she learns how to make her worry go away.

Worries are so sensitively handled in this beautiful book. Sharing the story has prompted some insightful discussion, as children have been open to sharing their fears and worries relating to Ruby’s experiences.  The thoughtful illustrations allow children to easily follow the story. Ruby’s feelings are sensitively portrayed through the pictures – her happiness, unease, anger and empathy are easy to recognise and relate to.

Although we don’t know what’s troubling Ruby, the message of the book is simple for young children to understand. What’s even more special is that it’s a reminder to us, as adults, to deal appropriately with our own worries. That is something I will take from this marvellous book – no matter what the worry, talk about it, and a shared worry becomes a smaller worry.

Tom Percival has created a masterpiece which I’ll be sharing and recommending for many years to come. Thank you, Tom!

Credit: Emma Davis

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