‘Sleep’ book review by Emma Davis

8th August 2018

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Sleep by Kate Prendergast

Author: Kate Prendergast

Published by: Old Barn Books

‘Sleep’ is a gorgeous, gentle book, perfect for young nature lovers. Each page features a stunning close up image of a sleeping animal. The simple text offers an insight into their sleeping habits, sharing many interesting facts but on a level suitable for Preschool children.

This stunning information book, with its focus on sleep, will be a perfect story for sharing at bedtime. The illustrations are so engaging that children will be happy looking at the pictures independently. Some of the animals will already be familiar to them but others are a little more unusual – such as bats, meerkats, sloths and tortoises. We learn some of the weird and wonderful ways these animals sleep. Which ones sleep alone? Which sleep in a heap? Some even sleep with their eyes open!

Children’s interest is sure to be piqued as a result of ‘Sleep’, leading to discussions and questions. I’d love to know how a sloth manages to go to the toilet just once a week!

The pages at the end of ‘Sleep’ provide extra information about the animals children will have met throughout the book. I like that Kate Prendergast doesn’t shy away from using words children may not have come across before; they provide a good talking point and help develop children’s vocabulary.

‘Sleep’ leaves us pondering on an interesting question…. do animals dream?

Credit: Emma Davis

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