Book Review – Sorrel and the Sleepover

18th July 2018

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By Emma Davis

Having reviewed and fallen in love with ‘A Dot in the Snow’, Corrinne’s debut picture book, I was thrilled to receive a copy of her newest edition, Sorrel and the Sleepover.  Expecting great things, I was excited to read this new offering which absolutely melted my heart.


This is a gentle, charming story of friendship in which Sorrel finds a perfect friend in Sage.  They look the same, enjoy the same games, sing the same songs and finish each other’s sentences.  However, when Sage invites her friend for a sleepover, the friendship is tested.  Sorrel finds Sage’s home so amazingly different from her own, which makes her question their friendship.  She thought they were so similar – can they really be friends if they are so different?

We learn that ‘Sorrel’s home was small and slim, its branches were broken and bumpy, and it wobbled in the wind.’  Her embarrassment about its appearance is reflected in the numerous excuses she makes to get out of Sage coming for a sleepover.   However, all is not lost …. a change in the seasons brings a change to Sorrel’s home.  The friends chase the pink blossom petals fluttering in the breeze and this leads them to the most beautiful sight, a majestic tree in full blossom – Sorrel’s home.  Sage is astounded by the beauty of her friend’s home – ‘You’re so lucky to be different, Sorrel!  I don’t know anyone else who sleeps in pink clouds.’

This tender, sweet story of friendship is beautifully written.  The content is easy for children to understand and is perfect for discussing similarities and differences.  It will probably resonate with lots of adults too!

Susan Varley’s illustrations are delicately detailed, capturing the essence of Corrinne’s words.  They bring to life the joy and comfort of friendship, convey the feelings of the friends and leave the reader with a warm, fuzzy feeling.  The final illustration is particularly impressive.

Sorrel and the Sleepover is a very special book.  The way in which friendship is explored is heart-warming and age appropriate for Early Years.  It not only has an important message but is a fabulous story too, fantastic for reading aloud and prompting discussions.

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