Tell others you are coming along to Childcare & Education Expo for a chance to win £100 to spend at the show!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new competition, ‘Bringing People Together’, which aims to bring as many early years and primary education professionals together, to join the Childcare & Education Expo community. The winner of the competition will be the visitor who invites the most friends and colleagues to join them at the show. The lucky winner will receive £100 cash to spend within the exhibition at the Midlands Expo!

Who can enter? Anyone whose registered for Childcare & Education Expo Midlands that’s taking place on the 22nd September – 23rd September 2023
When does it start? The competition starts now and ends on the 20th September 2023. You have until then to invite as many people as you can to the show. Those of you who have already been inviting, don’t worry, these entries will still count!

Don’t forget, to have an entry counted, your invitees must complete their registration to attend the show.

How to invite your colleagues and friends?

2 steps for how you can invite your connections:

Step 1. 

  • Click here to share a post and invite your connections on LinkedIn
  • Click here to share a post and invite your connections on Facebook
  • Make sure that your connections register for the event to be counted!

Step 2.

  • Log into your visitor hub by clicking here.
  • Once on your Visitor Hub, scroll down to the section named ‘Don’t miss a thing…’ 
  • Here, you can invite people via one of the social media buttons along the top. Or, click on one of the icons following the wording ‘Or Invite Via:’ to send invitations by email, WhatsApp and more. You can also find an icon here that reads ‘share link’. Click this icon to copy your invitation link and then you can decide how to send this out to your network.