Busy London & Busy Nativity Book Reviews

2nd December 2017

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Published by Campbell

Busy London

By Marion Billet

What a little gem this book is – and the perfect size to fit in a stocking!  This book is sure to engage babies and children right from the front cover.  Pull the tab back and watch the number 24 double decker bus trundle away.  The interactive elements continue throughout which make ‘Busy London’ so special.  Push up the drawbridge on Tower Bridge, slide the door on the Tube, spin the London Eye and push up the tab to reveal who’s in Buckingham Palace.  The landmarks featured in the illustrations offer fantastic talking points whether children are familiar with London or not.

The interactive features in this book really bring the story to life.  Simple, flowing rhyming text is easy for children to follow and join in with.  Bright illustrations leap from the pages with so much for children to spot and talk about, promoting vocabulary.  My favourite part is the final page as Father Christmas pays a visit to Buckingham Palace.  Push up the tab to see which members of the Royal family you can spot in the windows – a bit of fun for the adults too!

Busy Nativity

Illustrated by Emily Bolam

Designed in a similar way to ‘Busy London’, ‘Busy Nativity’ features interactive content on each page.  Pull the tab to make Mary and Joseph pass by on the donkey, push up to see the animals in the stable, rock baby Jesus in the manger and pull to see the hidden items around the final nativity scene.  The interactive content is superbly complimented by simple questions on each page, prompting children to use their observational skills as well as reinforcing points from the Nativity story.

This traditional tale is told in simple rhyming text, easy for children to follow.  Emily Bolam’s gorgeous illustrations offer so much to spot and comment on to develop vocabulary.  The nativity scenes are traditional, portraying all the characters you would expect to see – the angels, three kings, shepherds and animals.

The length and interactive features make this a truly lovely book which will never age.  It is certain to be a favourite each festive season both at home and in Early Years settings.

Click here to view a clip from the Campbell Christmas CD to help you get in the spirit of Christmas.

The books were reviewed by Emma Davis – our brand ambassador and fabulous writer!

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