C.S Kids to showcase new sewing kits at Childcare Expo London

19th February 2019
C.S Kids sewing kits

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Many teachers are familiar with the concept of Montessori Education. In Montessori classrooms, students often surprise teachers with their creative choices when they are performing age-appropriate activities prepared for them. These activities not only help in acquiring knowledge in Maths and Languages, but also encourage practical life skills and motor skills in children.

But are there any fun ways to help develop these skills in children? C.S Kids believes arts and crafts projects are the perfect solution. You may then ask, how do you incorporate these projects in class? Children can sew something by themselves, like dolls and key-chains. They don’t have to finish within one lesson, you can treat it as a long-term project which teaches children about persistence. Meanwhile, they could also acquire sewing skills that simultaneously train their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is a sure-fire way to train them to be independent later on.

Lets say you decided to treat the class with a doll sewing kit – you could arrange a drama lesson for your students so that they can create a fun story with the dolls they sewed by themselves. Not only can this help children develop creativity, but it can also prompt the practice of teamwork when they are creating their short drama piece and performing in front of the class. What’s even better is that they get a souvenir of their own creation to commemorate their achievement in school!

Wondering how to get the supplies for such arts and crafts projects? Visit C.S Kids at Childcare Expo London and take a look at our newly launched sewing kits so you can get a better idea! Come chat with us on Stand E28 to learn more about these amazing arts and crafts sets. See you there!

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