Introducing Childcare Gateways

Wednesday 18th December 2019

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This brief explainer was written by Childcare Gateways, a Complete Nursery Management System for only £20 per month! 

Childcare Gateways

Childcare Gateways is a new, innovative and unique nursery management system which has essential features to cater for all childcare providers. The system has everything you need for every aspect of tracking and monitoring Childcare.

Childcare Gateways has been created to suit every childcare provider, childminders, nannies and out of school clubs. Our main objective is to provide an affordable system which enables childcare providers to run their day to day settings with ease.

The embedded professional features within Childcare Gateways allows you to print reports as well viewing information online. Not only that but the system has been designed to hold all information within the software for as long as you need.

Childcare Gateways gives you exclusive access to all the crucial features required in any childcare setting.

Childcare Gateways has grown beyond expectations not only for nurseries nationwide but also for out of school clubs, childminders and nannies.


All Inclusive features of Childcare Gateways:

  • Attendance Records
  • Children Profiles
  • Daily Reports
  • Create Rooms and Staff Ratios
  • Unlimited Observations
  • EYFS and COEL Framework
  • Tracking of Child Development
  • Sign in/Out Features
  • Learning Journals
  • Email Communication
  • Parents Section
  • Event Bookings
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Invoicing /Accounts
  • Instant Reports and Printing
  • Out of School Club Features

Communication with Parents

There are many features embedded exclusively that allow childcare providers to communicate effectively with parents or guardians which are:

  • Messaging directly
  • Emailing
  • Daily Reports sent directly

Majority of the childcare Providers now communicate with parents via emailing or internal messaging which is already built within Childcare Gateways. Emailing is an effective way to ensure messages reach parents or guardians reliably. However, many parents may not get the chance to check all their emails therefor using our instant messaging that is built in Childcare Gateways can get the message across easily and instantly. In addition,  parents can also reply back to messages from within the system to the childcare provider.

Childcare Gateways is the one platform for many different objectives which has been actively designed to make daily life and communication easy.

Events, Clubs and Meetings

In Childcare Gateways our events, meetings and clubs section enables childcare providers to send instant notifications for any type of event. This means that parents or guardians can give consent and reply within the online system easily, instantly and reliably. Childcare Providers will save hours of admin time and money in printing. The system also gives you the option of choosing who to send notifications whether an individual or a group. You can also track a record of the exact number of consents and attendees which will allow you to view maximum capacity.

What can Events, Clubs and Meetings section be used for?

  • Trips
  • Parents Evenings
  • Out of School Clubs
  • Events
  • Meetings
  • Plays / Assemblies
  • Other

Why use Childcare Gateways

  • Affordable
  • A Complete and Comprehensive management system for ALL childcare providers with a setting of any size, no matter how big or small.
  • Increase parents satisfaction
  • Keep a complete record of each child’s learning and development
  • Reduce Admin time and cost
  • Video instruction tutorials on all features
  • Ofsted inspection made easy

Additional Inclusive Benefits

  • No Set up Fee
  • Set Price per month (introductory price of £20 per month)
  • Unlimited Free Support
  • Register unlimited number of children
  • Unlimited data icloud storage
  • Staff Tracking Sign I/Sign out
  • Free support package via online , telephone or email


Childcare Gateways’s is a lot more than just a system, our support package offers childcare providers a complete peace of mind when it comes to running the online childcare software. With our UK based technical support team operating Monday – Friday, 9am- 5pm, Childcare Gateways cover is the most affordable way to ensure you have help at hand if you run into any problems.

Benefits Include:

-Free upgrades during the period of cover.

-Fast track response for critical issues & guaranteed escalation procedure.

-Happy clients I value the fact that I can call up and speak to a technician over the phone, rather than trying to use an online support system.

‘ A Simple and Smart Choice ‘

Contact Details

Visit Childcare Gateways for more information

Childcare Gateways

Apex House

Calthorpe Rd



B15 1TR

Tel: 0121 809 6524

Tel: 0330 311 0833


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