Chinese New Year Craft Ideas – “Year of the Pig”

By Mrs Mactivity

28th January 2019
Mrs mactivity - chinese new year

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Mrs Mactivity is a “hidden gem” provider of boutique printable Early Years and Primary learning resources and activities. Discover more creative ideas and get involved in one of her workshops at Childcare Expo London on Friday 1st or Saturday 2nd March!

Tuesday 5th February marks the start of the Chinese New Year in 2019 (the Year of the Pig). Chinese New Year is a great time to start introducing children to the concept of other cultures in an inspiring and motivating way. It also provides lots of opportunities for play and crafting – with plenty of creative ways to get involved! At Mrs Mactivity, we’re full of fresh and exciting ideas that are not only super easy, but also use either free or affordable resources. Some of these suggestions do require a Mrs Mactivity Premium membership – but at only £9.97 for the year including access to ALL of our boutique creative resources, it’s a bargain.

Let’s get started!

Tuff Tray Ideas

Tuff Trays let children have open access to sensory and fine motor play opportunities and Chinese New Year has plenty of potential! Try colouring rice with a red or gold food dye and asking children to mix the colours together or make patterns. Another idea is to use pre-printed Chinese writing cards, then use paint brushes to etch out Chinese numbers or words – or even each child’s name! You can also use a Tuff Tray with a large quantity of cooked and cooled noodles. Use chopsticks to pick up objects from within the noodles – you could also use playdough to make pretend prawns and corn!

Make a Paper Plate Chinese Fan

This idea is super easy, yet super effective. Cut a paper plate in half and completely cover it, front and back, in red paint. Once the paint is dry, use either a gold pen or gold paint and a fine brush to draw on Chinese characters or just make Chinese-style patterns. Add two craft sticks at the bottom for handles. A great take-home gift for parents too!

Mrs mactivity - chinese fan

Make a Chinese Bookmark

Print out this Chinese Bookmark paper craft from Mrs Mactivity. If you want something instant – print in colour, fold then laminate for a keepsake bookmark that can be kept forever. If you prefer to save ink and have children decorate themselves, print in black and white – the choice is yours!

Mrs mactivity - Chinese new year bookmarks

Make a Chinese Friendship Bracelet

Print out your Chinese Friendship Bracelet template. This one can be completed by children of all ages, differentiated by how much support is given. For younger children these Chinese Friendship weave bracelets will require some support – but they are SO much fun! The idea is that you cut vertical strips then weave the strips into a bracelet shape – full instructions are included. These also come both in colour and black and white, so you can personalise to your heart’s content. The template also includes charms to stick over the bracelet join – including a year of the pig charm!

Mrs mactivity - Chinese new year weave bracelet

Make a Chinese Willow Plate

Another cheap and cheerful – yet super fun Chinese New Year craft! Using paper plates, simply use blue felt tip pens to draw on some willow plate designs – or do some Chinese writing. It might be best to quickly search online for some example patterns and print them out so that children have something to work from. You will be amazed at the designs the children come up with!

mrs mactivity paper plates

Year of the Pig Mindfulness Colouring

If all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with some Year of the Pig mindfulness colouring can you? Luckily we’ve got a pre-prepared design that we already know kids love! Suitable for all ages, just colour in and relax!

Mrs mactivity - chinese new year colouring

Chinese New Year STEM Challenge Cards

This works for all ages! Use these Chinese New Year STEM Challenge Cards to really get children thinking and working as a team. Cut the cards up and ask children to pick them up in pairs – complete one challenge then move onto the next one! When the children are finished, ask them to write their own challenges – you might be surprised at what they come up with.

Chinese new year stem challenge cards

If you like these ideas, take a look at the rest of our Chinese New Year resources right here!

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