Early Years Activities

Whether you work in a nursery or you’re a parent, getting involved in the childcare scene can be incredibly beneficial. Knowing how to help your child learn at the earlier stages to life as well as understanding how to play with them appropriately and engage in early years activities; all things which, in fact, anyone can benefit from knowing.

Here at Childcare Expo, we have taken a keen interest in the childcare industry to the extent of having some of the most skilled childcare experts working with us. All year round, we take the time to organise and host a few different expos regarding childcare.

At these expos, you will be able to attend some of the different workshops which we’ve arranged, and be informed by some of the leading experts in the childcare industry. If this sounds like something you’d benefit from then we highly recommend dropping by one of our early years activities expos and learning more about childcare.

Where We Will Be  Early Years Activities

If you’re interested in dropping by to one of our early years expos, then great! The three expos that we will have in 2017, and the dates to go with them, are:

So, if you are attending one of our exhibitions, make sure that you plan ahead and get your hands on a free ticket! It’s also worth noting that although each of these early years activities expos span across two days, you are able to only attend one of those days.

Free Tickets

The best thing about all of our childcare expos, they’re free to everyone! So, whether you’re new to childcare and you’re looking to get more involved, or you’re more experienced but are looking to learn more, go ahead and drop on by one of our early years activities expos.

Not only will you learn more about childcare, but you will gain a lot of experience and to top it all off, it won’t cost you anything. Take advantage of this free opportunity.

Click here to get your free tickets to the expo of your choice.

Different Expos

We do our best to keep all of our expos on the same sort of path. In terms of discussing early years activities, if you attend a few of our expos then you will notice that topics such as this will remain somewhat similar. However, we try to differ our expos so that each of the people who are returning and have experienced one of them before can still get something out of it.

While we try to keep on a similar teaching path, we believe that taking a different approach every so often can be helpful.

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