Family Festivities or Family Fiasco? The Perfect Family Party

20th December 2017

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By Lucy Wyndham

Who doesn’t love a family get-together? All too often, the host. Planning a family party can be stressful; but get it right and some great memories can be created. Be creative with your ideas; think about hosting a party with a fun theme and set the mood right so that everyone from grandad to grandchild can relax and have fun.

Keep it Fun

The host should be as relaxed as possible when organising their party, otherwise it may turn into a tense experience that no-one, not least the host, will enjoy. Avoid too much formality – you don’t need fancy invitations or table places – it’s family! They will want to see each other and catch up, all that needs to be done is to create a setting for them to do that. Go for easy all the way – a playlist, food which can be prepared in advance to allow the host maximum time with guests and maybe a game or two for all ages.

Theme it Right

Themed parties not only lend themselves to inspiration for music and decor but sometimes can make the host’s night easier. For example when hosting an 80’s themed party the host could ask everyone to dress up, but also bring a dish associated with the 1980s, saving work for the host in the run up to the party. Many family members will jump at the chance to throw on a costume and dance to music from their childhood. Themes are also a great conversation starter, especially if there is personal or family link to the theme.

Set the Mood

People are more likely to relax if the atmosphere is right. Think mood lighting with well-placed candles, background music at the right volume and classy table settings. A game can work well for part of the night to get everyone involved, but it shouldn’t dominate the evening – family members will want time to chat too.

The family party can be the stuff of legends – an event that everyone thinks back too fondly. Most families nowadays don’t have the time to catch up often amidst work and other social commitments,  so make the most of it.The well-prepared host should be able to have time to catch up with everyone and make sure everyone is comfortable, but above all they should also relax – this is their evening.

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