For the First Time Back in the UK Following the Pandemic and Naturally We’re at Childcare & Education Expo 

8th September 2021

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As with many projects, the pandemic has slowed down or postponed many launches and shares of new educational games and toys, particularly for those whose objectives are to learn to handle, sort, reproduce models, etc.

This has been the case for GEOCUBE which finally arrives in the UK during Childcare Expo Midlands on September 24th and 25th.

This testimony written by a tester makes it very clear what the benefits are when playing with GEOCUBE.

“This Geocube magnetic cube kit is the kind of resource that your kid will never outgrow.

I can say this with the greatest confidence because as soon as I tipped them out of the box, I wanted to mess around with them myself. Even the very youngest of learners enjoyed building and linking them because their size is perfect for little hands.

That little click they make when they attract and connect with each other seems to really satisfy tiny ears, and the crashing clatter they make when they knock them over is pure exhilaration…for them. (Tip: play on a mat, especially if you have sleeping children nearby).

But open-ended, free play isn’t all you can do with these cubes, though they are an excellent addition to our loose parts resources for sure.

You see, each cube has a different colour and pattern on all 6 sides and there’s a selection of model cards illustrating construction challenges ranging from what I’m calling “head scratching” level to “better call a team of engineers round” level.

Children can play alone or challenge a friend. They are incredibly engaging, and through the process children are thinking critically, adjusting, planning ahead, making predictions, exercising tenacity and patience, making mistakes, overcoming disappointment & frustration, and developing a can-do attitude.

Learning then is deep, purposeful and character-building, which is what makes this resource so much more than a toy: it’s an investment.”

Come and visit Colemoi booth C36 to discover, manipulate and test by yourself GEOCUBE.

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