Free early years software from Famly launched to help  settings through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond 

2nd May 2020

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Software company, Famly, have launched ​Famly Together – a free software platform that gives early years providers a simpler, safer way to  stay in touch with families during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.

Right now, settings are relying on a patchwork of digital platforms —  coordinating with parents via email chains, Facebook groups, Twitter  feeds, WhatsApp chats and Zoom calls. This requires helping every single  family get set up on each one of these platforms, and makes it easy for  details and plans to slip through the cracks. What’s more, fanning out  across multiple platforms puts a huge workload on providers at a time  when they need it least, and brings with it a wider host of privacy concerns.

Step in, Famly Together. Famly Together is based on Famly’s existing  platform, used by thousands of settings across the UK and includes some  of its most popular features such as:

  • The News feed: A secure, personalised feed which every parent can  access on a free app and online. Practitioners can share activities,  updates, photos and video, while parents can comment and send  observations back.
  • The Activity library: Here, practitioners can explore a collection of  over 100 free creative activities for children, submitted by fellow  early years staff and specialist early years experts alike. Users can  submit their own, explore and rate others’ submissions, and build  their own personal library. Then, they can share activities directly to  parents’ news feeds.
  • Famly Live: A brand new, live video stream option that allows  children to see the faces of friends they haven’t seen in well over a  month. Secure video conferencing allows nurseries to lead remote  sessions, or just check in.

Why now? 

Even before the coronavirus forced more strain on providers, the sector  has been under significant financial stress. Famly Together was launched  to help solve that, hence why it’s free to use.

Famly Together gives settings the opportunity to maintain a vital stream  of income while their doors are closed by continuing to communicate and  provide a service to their customers.

Join Famly’s early years community and sign up for your free account just click here

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