Imagination, Creativity & Self-Belief & How They Shape A Child’s Future

9th February 2018

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By Stacey Kelly (Early Years Story Box)

Imagination & creativity opens up the world and creates endless possibilities.

Throughout the early years of a child’s life the main architecture of their brain is formed and belief systems are created, which then shape how they view the world and themselves within it later in life. Imagination and creativity are crucial in a person’s ability to set goals & aim high. However, these 2 things mean nothing without a set of belief systems or ‘inner wiring’ that will allow a person to step into their wildest dreams and make them a reality.

Our childhood plays a huge role in who we become as adults and many of us live our life guided by the beliefs that were programmed into us through our experiences in childhood.

During my seminar at Childcare Expo London, I will be highlighting the importance of imagination & creativity and how in an ever-evolving digital world, it is more important than ever to provide opportunities for children to explore theirs.  However, I will also be delving into belief systems and explaining how we are all guided by our subconscious mind that was programmed throughout our formative years.

Our mind is a powerful tool and it is important that we teach our children how to be the master of theirs. Using simple techniques we can support children to have positive beliefs & mindsets that combined with an ability to imagine & create will make them unstoppable.

Stacey will be hosting her seminar on Saturday 3rd March at 2.45pm. Book your seats today.

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