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16th July 2019
PACEY survey

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PACEY, the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, has launched its Inquiry into Childminding in the 21st Century.

Over the summer, PACEY will be working with researchers at the University of Plymouth to try and discover the reasons for and tackle the ongoing decline in the number of registered childminders in England and Wales.

Analysis of Ofsted data shows that the number of childminders leaving the profession annually in England has remained fairly constant each year, but that the number of people registering to become a childminder has declined significantly, reducing the overall numbers of registered childminders. If things continue as they are, in just a few years, most families will not be able to choose this high quality, flexible form of childcare. We know that childminding is especially beneficial to children’s communication, social and emotional development, so this is indeed a stark warning for PACEY, and something we want to change.

“We know how much childminding is valued by the families who use it and we want to ensure that future generations can choose home-based care,” says Liz Bayram, PACEY’s Chief Executive. “But, despite efforts by governments and regulators to ensure current childcare policy and regulation accommodates registered childminding, it continues to decline. While we know a few reasons as to why people are leaving childminding, we don’t know as much about why fewer people are choosing to become childminders in the first place, and this is vital research”.

Liz continues. “We are launching our inquiry to both understand what has changed and to explore what more could be done to make childminding a more attractive career to both join and remain in.”

Alongside our survey, PACEY will be holding online discussions via social media as well as focus groups with a wide range of different people including:

  • Childminders (prospective, new, existing, and those who have recently left)
  • Local authorities
  • Parents and careers
  • Employers
  • Self-employed entrepreneurs
  • Policymakers

Jane Comeau, PACEY Chair, explained: “We think childminding needs to be reinvented for the 21st Century and we want to hear your ideas and views on what’s great about it and what needs to change to attract future childminders. PACEY’s Board will be reviewing the charity’s long term plans late this year and this Inquiry will feed directly into the decisions we make. So, if you care about childminding, let us hear your views.”

You can complete PACEY’s survey at

You can keep up to date with PACEY developments on the website,, or through Facebook and Twitter.

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