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Monday 27th April 2020

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Strange times we are living through. We hope you are okay, & we send our best thoughts to
those of us directly affected by the virus, and respect and thanks to those of us still working
throughout the pandemic. We were really looking forward to the EXPO 2020 event in
London. There is so much positive work being done that often seems to go unnoticed, &
events like EXPO are always inspirational occasions to meet lots of lovely like-minded early
years workers. We hope to meet up whenever it is safe to do so.

At EXPO, as well as talking in general about how Persona Dolls help promote diversity &
inclusion, & challenge stereotyping & bias with children, we were going to promote our
recent initiative “Talking Points”, a CPD programme for adult practitioners that gets people
talking & thinking about equalities issues.

The programme is available as a download from our website – Click here 

The programme involves & values all staff. At the start of a staff meeting, there is a
statement (taken from a real workplace experience) for participants to reflect upon & discuss
in twos & threes, & score for acceptability. This should last between 10 & 15 minutes. There
are no correct answers, & there are cultural references – poems, songs, You Tube clips –
you can share later that amplify the discussion. The programme is adaptable – it can run
over the course of up to 7 meetings, or work as a half-day inset. Participants have been
unanimously enthusiastic & positive about the process:

“It’s been an eye opener – I now feel more confident in the areas we have talked about.”

“Very interesting discussions – I’ve really enjoyed listening to each group’s opinions etc. thanks for the opportunity to do it!”

“Each session has been amazing and has helped throughout in day to day nursery practice.”

“I feel very empowered after this session. It was very interactive.”

“The best staff meetings we’ve ever had” (setting manager).

We were going to run a free raffle – the winner would get a “Talking Points” programme
tailored to suit their setting with each session run by Persona Doll consultants, & there would
be second prize of four free downloads. Obviously, lockdown means we can’t offer this – but
what we can offer for the duration of lockdown, is the “Talking Points” download for £45, just
under half the usual price. We know that settings want to keep staff engaged & motivated
during this time, & “Talking Points” provides a good opportunity to do this in an enjoyable
way. We are happy to support at a distance with email –

Persona Doll Training is also part of a US online Early Years conference “Transform
Challenging Behaviour” that practitioners might enjoy engaging with the conference is free –
all you need to do is register. The various contributions will be sure to encourage discussion
of ways to enhance your setting’s skill-set with regard to this issue. Here’s where you

We look forward to meeting up in person at the next available EXPO opportunity. In the
meantime, view our website –
You can visit our Facebook page: Persona Dolls Training
or email us

Stay safe!
Meeta & Robb Johnson, Persona Doll Training consultants and Vicky Hutchin, Coordinator for Persona Doll Training

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