Kids … who’d have ’em? (Meeee!)

By Andi Turner

4th September 2018

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Andi Turner is a well-known and much loved early years mentor, blogger and owner of an established home-based childcare business. Andi’s passion for early years has allowed her to grow both professionally, politically and personally over the years and Childcare Expo are delighted to have her on board to share her stories and opinions on the early years sector.

Read her latest childcare blog below …

Today, like any other day, kicks off with 2 toddler twins (hereafter called Thing 1 and Thing 2) taking turns to have Mum’s life by refusing to get out of the car. I don’t know how they remember whose turn it is, but they do. Thing 2 comes to my door, bag in hand, sunglasses on and wearing the biggest, cutest smile while Thing 1 stages a sit-in: won’t even let Mum unbuckle the 3-point harness, chin tucked deep into chest and arms folded tight.

Mum’s frazzled already and going to work just for the break. Can I go and get him please because he won’t act up for me? So off I go to get Thing 1 out of the car myself: he cheerfully lifts up his arms so I can reach his buckle “there you go, Andi” (bless) and puts out his arms for me to lift him up and kisses me on the cheek (shucks), while Thing 2 looks on saying: “he’s being silly today isn’t he?” (Tomorrow, they’ll switch roles: exactly the same process and then she’ll be the one being silly. And on and on it goes). They come inside, have a right good giggle about it, and tell me Mammy’s gone to get pennies and she’s coming back later with lollies.

Baby arrives after a week of sun, sea and splashing. I’ve just had to peel her chubby little arms from Dad’s neck and now she’s clinging onto mine like a koala. She’s having a croaky little cry while we have a little cuddle because she’s returned home with a sore throat, an iffy tummy, and is feeling a “little delicate”. She “might need a sleep”. All the stars are aligned for a super fun day.

Things 1 and 2 are toilet training and both need a wee the second they see the hand gel and jar of ‘gems for gems’. Going to the loo is going to be their favourite activity for the remainder of the day, week, month etc. Thing 2 is running around with her full-skirted sun dress bunched up in her knickers and Thing 1 has pulled up his shorts without pulling up his pants first. Is it even possible that they’ve both had a wee in just 40 seconds? So I put down a reluctant baby to sort out the wardrobe malfunctions for a moment – honestly – a moment, then turn around to find baby in the puppy crate. As I get her out the twins pick pea pods.

Ten minutes into the working day, hands are all washed ready for our breakfast buffet (was it really only ten minutes ago they all arrived?) – we’ve got hard boiled eggs, cocktail sausages, sliced cherry tomatoes, buttered muffins and home-made rhubarb jam. Oh, and the peas they just shelled – because everybody eats peas for breakfast, and tranquillity is restored. Just another 6 hours to go until wine o’clock.

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