Last Stop on the Reindeer Express Book Review

29th November 2017

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By Maudie Powell Tuck and Karl James Mountford

Published by Little Tiger

‘Last Stop on the Reindeer Express’ promises to be special right from the front cover.  With exquisite illustrations and cut outs, I was immediately drawn in, intrigued to see what this festive book had in store.  I was not disappointed and children won’t be either – your heart will be warmed and you’ll be full of festive cheer!

Mia makes a card for her Daddy in school.  We learn that she’s missing him as he’s working away and will not be home in time for Christmas.  Mia’s heart sinks when Mummy tells her that unfortunately, it’s too late to post the card for Daddy to receive by Christmas.  Poor Mia is not feeling the Christmas spirit at all….until…she spots a mysterious post box in the market.  We can open the flap on the page to see Mia greeted by a ‘cheery old lady’ who gives her a carrot and points her towards another door.  What awaits Mia is a wonderous adventure with a reindeer who flies her through the skies, across cities and climates towards a small lodge nestled in the snow.  Open the flap to see Mia’s Daddy who envelops her in a warm hug.  He gently reminds her that ‘I’ll be thinking of you every second of the day’ even though he can’t be with her in person.  It’s soon time to leave to fly back home on the reindeer and surprisingly, no time has passed at all.

This is an enchanting story of love, comfort and hope during the festive season.  At its core is a heartfelt message that not everyone can be with their loved ones at Christmas but they can still be in our thoughts and hearts.  What a truly special book to share, especially for children facing Christmas without a family member.  With flaps to lift, peep through pages and cut outs, it’s a perfect interactive story to read aloud.  Get lost in the intricate illustrations and discover the true magic of Christmas.

Book review written by Emma Davis. If you have a book you would like reviewing, then get in touch today!

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