Little Hazelnut Book Review by Emma Davis

9th November 2017

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Little Hazelnut by Florence Lemasson & Dominique Ehrhard

During the early snowfall, squirrel scurries busily, collecting supplies to see him through the Winter.  In his haste, he doesn’t realise that he’s dropped a hazelnut which pops up on the page as mouse scampers past in the cold.  Overnight, the snow continues to fall, covering the nut and making it invisible to the creatures as they pass by.  A blue tit appears, it’s colours leaping from the pop up in contrast to the stark snow.  The pop up crows and black cat are striking with their size but still no one discovers the lost hazelnut.  All to be seen on the ground are a series of footprints made by the creatures.  Soon, these begin to fade as the snow melts and a green shoot emerges.  As times passes, the garden comes to life with the change in the season and there we see the hazelnut sapling growing in the lawn.

Little Hazelnut is wintry work of art which was a delight to read and review.  The book is skilfully brought to life through the gently flowing text and simple illustrations, acting as a back drop to the cleverly engineered pop ups.  The pop ups really are what makes this special with their element of surprise and outstanding detail.

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