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25th August 2017

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The six weeks’ summer holiday can feel like an eternity when you don’t have enough activities and ideas to fill them with and to keep yourself busy. We know how hard it can be to come up with ideas and things to do during the summer, we also know that cheap or ideally free activities are even harder to find. That’s where Twinkl can come in handy with our backlog of craft and activity ideas that are easy to do, look great and are crucially, fun!

In this blog we’ll take a look at our art and craft activities that can be completed with little more than a paper plate and some paint. They look great when they’re finished and it’ll keep little hands busy for a good while on a rainy day or maybe outdoors on a sunny one!

The first idea is a paper plate crab. This fun craft idea can be made with simply a paper plate, paint, card and if you’d like, some googly eyes. Simply paint the plate, cut out some pincers and eyes from the card and add on the eyes. You can come up with your own crab designs, maybe add on a smile or give it an expression. The world is your oyster….or rather crab.

Next up is an idea for a fabulous looking sun craft idea, ideal for hanging in the window or decorating the house with…it really will light up any room! Again this piece of Twinkl craft can be done with just a paper plate, tissue paper, ribbon and paper or card. You’ll start by adding sun coloured tissue paper to your paper plate then cut your paper or card in to strips to add on around the sun for the rays. Use some string or ribbon to help hang the sun up wherever you like. All of these craft activities come with step-by-step instructions with pictures to help so you’ll never get lost.

Children love minibeasts and study them in key stage one so what better to make than the brightest coloured and spottiest of all the minibeasts, the ladybird. Using just a paper bowl, paint and some pipe cleaners you can make a cute and surprisingly realistic looking ladybird. It’s easy to do, keeps your children busy and they’ll love getting a little messy with the bright paint. Once again there are step by step instructions so you and your child can’t go far wrong. A great way to spend an afternoon!

Another opportunity to use a paper bowl is in the making of a paper bowl bee. Once again you’ll need some paints, you’ll also need some laminator pouches for the wings which harden after going through a laminator to help them handle flying through the air. Simply paint your bee, attach some googly eyes and the laminated wings then your bee is ready to buzz off.

The final paper plate or bowl craft idea this week comes in the shape of a paper plate sheep. For this all you’ll need is a paper plate, some cotton wool balls, glue and preferably black card, all the craft instructions come with a full equipment list so you’ll be well prepared. The sheep comes to life by gluing the cotton wool to the plate with the card becoming the sheep’s legs and if you have a set of spare googly eyes your sheep can have the gift of sight too.

We hope you enjoy the array of animals for you to make, possible with effectively just paint, plates and glue. You can let your artistic side out by designing your own colour scheme or deciding just how fluffy to make your sheep. There’s a whole host of fun to be had with these ideas and your children will love getting hands on with these cool craft ideas. You can find all of them and more on the Twinkl website.

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