National Maintenance Have Launched Into A New Sector – Childcare And Education!

15th December 2021

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After 12 years in the maintenance industry, carrying out works for Commercial and Domestic clients, National Maintenance have launched into a new sector of Childcare and Education.

Indoor and Outdoor Transformations

Within the last year, we have enjoyed traveling the country to transform indoor and outdoor spaces for one of our national nursery clients following their individual refurbishment specifications.

Before this transformation, this was an outdated large concrete space where the children would play on the bikes and cars provided. After using the Astro and Soft por we managed to transform this space into a cool, modern road for the children to embrace the role play.  We even added a speed bump and zebra crossing for extra effect! Our operatives were so proud of the outcome, they had to be the first to test this new road out. It goes without saying how excited the children were when they were able to drive on a purpose made road.

Recent Ventures – Catering for Children’s Independents

As a recent venture, we have invested our time in making these bespoke nappy change units. After getting to know the industry better we decided these units would benefit toddlers in order for them to exercise their independence being able to walk up the stairs themselves. Not only has this been a big hit with our currency clients, but also externally through advertisement across social platforms.

These high-low sinks are another example of how we have taken into consideration children’s heights, ages and abilities to express their independence. Within our company valves we pride ourselves in giving opportunities to young people who want to get into the trade, whether that be that through an apprenticeship schule or a local authorities programme. Building these high-low sinks would be one of the jobs we would allocate to such parties, in order for them to follow instructions and learn how to use basic hand tools, of course with the supervision of our trained operatives!

Join the team?

As part of our employment process, every success candidate will watch our induction video:

This video not only goes through the daily requirements of individual roles along with necessary paperwork but also covers our five core valves:

  • Communication
  • Pride
  • Team works
  • Do more please more
  • Continuous improvement

We also had the students of a local drama school play the lead role as we thought it would keep people’s attention for longer. And of course, have a little giggle along the way.

Along with our new launch of the new sector, came a new upgraded version of our logo.

As a little Christmas gift for the children that attend the nurseries, we currently carry out works for, we decided to have a teddy bear made to include our new logo that appears on the back of the High-Vis. The children were so thrilled as they love to look out the window of when our vans arrive at site, and ask staff lots of questions regarding tools and fixing things.

Childcare & Educational Refurbishment Contractors

As countrywide specialists in childcare and education refurbishments, we’ve got everything covered.  From our fully comprehensive insurance to the RAMs for each site, we make sure we minimise the risk. We’ve even designed specialist software to create tailored job sheets to remind our team of the extra safety procedures that are needed, so everything is checked and nothing is left in the work areas that may cause choking or harm.

From freshening up the paintwork through to new flooring and carpentry our team are ready to work with you on your next refurbishment project.

Trusted already by many childcare, early learning and educational organisations we have a fully DBS checked team ready to respond. Minimising disruption is really important to us, so we are happy to take on projects as a night shift or across weekends. Whatever suits you.

Our service is fully managed end-to-end and we won’t close off a project until we know you are 100% happy with our work. We always ensure that we clean up after our visit too.

To find out more visit us here

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