On the Night of the Shooting Star – Walker Books

20th February 2018

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Review written by Emma Davis

Written by: Amy Hest

Illustrated by: Jenni Desmond

In this charming tale of friendship, we meet Bunny and Dog who live on opposite sides of the fence.  Bunny lives in the blue house and likes cocoa, Dog lives in the red house and likes biscuits.  Although they live opposite one another, the pair are not friends – not because they don’t like each other or don’t want to be friends, just because it hasn’t happened yet.  Their days pass with no contact, even though they secretly watch each other through the fence and whilst in their beds at night but ‘no one says hello.  Or hi.  Or nice to see you today.’

One night, neither of them can sleep so they go outside and gaze up into the sky.  ‘All at once, the night sky brightens.  A shooting star!’  They look at each other, acknowledging what they had seen, then return to their respective homes.  Bunny thinks.  Dog thinks.  Is this the moment they become friends?  Yes!  Bunny shares her cocoa, Dog shares his biscuits and a beautiful friendship begins.

Muted, understated illustrations bring this story and the characters to life.  Endearing details throughout add a sense of charm and enchantment.  From Dog knitting Bunny a jumper to the dog and bunny salt and pepper pots, the attention to detail is heart warming.

This book is a gentle tale of friendship and being brave enough to take the first step.  I love that Bunny and Dog just needed a little push to become friends and the shooting star did exactly that.  On the Night of the Shooting Star is perfect for snuggling up and reading aloud and would make a fabulous bed time story.

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