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Welcome to Childcare & Education Expo, the leading provider of educational events tailored to the vibrant early years education sector. With a rich learning environment designed to inspire and empower, we bring together professionals from across the industry to network, learn, and grow.

Our nationwide events provide unparalleled opportunities for attendees to enhance their professional development. Whether you’re an early years educator, nursery practitioner, or a passionate advocate for children’s learning, our expos offer a platform for you to connect with like-minded individuals, explore innovative resources, and stay at the forefront of the industry’s latest trends.

At Childcare & Education Expo, we are committed to fostering a sense of community within the early years education sector. We understand the importance of nursery networking, and that’s why we’ve created a platform where you can build valuable connections and exchange insights.

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About Our Nursery Networking Events

Childcare & Education Expo, a revered institution in the early years education sector, is synonymous with excellence and innovation. Our events, designed as rich learning environments, are the ultimate gathering for Nursery Owners, Directors, Managers, and Senior Management within day nurseries and the broader early years sector.

At Childcare & Education Expo, we understand the importance of networking in the nursery world. Our events are curated to offer a myriad of opportunities for professionals to connect, share, and grow. With a focus on continuous professional development (CPD), our seminars and workshops delve into cutting-edge concepts and strategies, ensuring that attendees leave with a wealth of knowledge to enrich their nurseries and childcare businesses.

Since 2010, our events have welcomed over 40,000 professionals from across the UK and the world, cementing our position as the best early years event. We take pride in being a hub of innovation and inspiration, where attendees can explore leading educational brands, participate in interactive workshops, and engage with day nursery owners and managers.

Our nursery networking events are where local connections become global opportunities. We provide a platform for like-minded individuals to network, exchange ideas, and stay at the forefront of this dynamic sector. In an ever-evolving industry, our events offer a strategic advantage, equipping attendees with the tools and insights needed to excel in nursery management.

Join us at Childcare & Education Expo, where the early years sector comes alive. Discover new possibilities, gain invaluable knowledge, and network with peers who share your passion for excellence in childcare. This is where the world of nursery networking and professional growth converge.


Exhibit at Our Nursery Networking Event

Participating in Childcare & Education Expo presents a unique opportunity to exhibit at the largest networking and sourcing event for day nursery owners, managers, and early years professionals in the UK. This event attracts over 3000+ early years professionals over two dynamic days, offering an ideal platform to engage with a vast audience of decision-makers in the day nursery and early years settings industry.

Our expo seamlessly blends an exhibitor-focused exhibition floor with a world-class seminar programme, creating an exceptional environment for showcasing your products and services. Here, you can forge meaningful, face-to-face connections with the individuals who matter most to your business – your customers.

Exhibiting at our nursery networking event offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Collect High-Quality Leads: Gain access to a pool of potential clients and collect valuable leads that can drive your business forward.
  • Network with Industry Leaders: Connect with senior decision-makers from leading childcare organisations, nurseries, and other influential players in the sector.
  • Showcase Your Offerings: Inform an influential audience of professionals about your products and services, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive childcare landscape.
  • Product Launchpad: Use this platform to showcase and launch new products or services to your target market, generating excitement and interest.
  • Expand Client Base: Promote additional products and new product lines to existing clients, encouraging them to explore more of what you have to offer.

Childcare & Education Expo offers a golden opportunity to elevate your brand, foster connections, and drive growth within the early years education sector. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this dynamic event that brings together the nursery network, transforming local opportunities into global success.


Early Years Workshops

The Childcare & Education Expo stands as the cornerstone of the early years and nurseries community, offering a longstanding tradition of delivering exceptional and enriching experiences. At the heart of this remarkable journey lie our seminar and workshop programmes, which play a pivotal role in engaging our visitors. With over 50 captivating live sessions each year, these workshops serve as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration in the early years education sector.

For those who are passionate about making a difference in the early years domain, here’s an opportunity to step into the limelight. Would you like to lead one of these enlightening sessions for our dedicated early years attendees? We invite you to become an active participant in shaping the future of early years education, sharing your expertise and insights with fellow professionals.

Our early years workshops cover a wide array of topics, from innovative teaching methodologies to effective management strategies, catering to the diverse needs of our audience. It’s a platform where experts in the field come together to exchange ideas, foster networking opportunities, and contribute to the growth and development of the early years sector.

By joining us as a workshop leader, you can play an essential role in advancing the quality of childcare and education in the UK and beyond. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this influential network, where knowledge is shared, connections are forged, and the future of early years education is shaped.



Are you ready to delve into the world of early years education, nursery networking, and childcare management? We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions to help you navigate the Childcare & Education Expo experience.

What is Childcare & Education Expo?

Childcare & Education Expo is the UK’s leading event for the early years education sector. It brings together professionals in the early years industry to network, learn, and explore innovative products and services.

Who can attend the expo?

The expo is open to anyone involved in the early years education sector, including nursery owners, directors, managers, practitioners, and those passionate about childcare and education.

What can I expect to find at the expo?

At the expo, you’ll find a rich learning environment, featuring CPD seminars, workshops, and a showcase of products and services from leading early years suppliers. It’s a hub of innovation and inspiration.

How can I participate as an exhibitor or speaker?

If you’re interested in exhibiting or speaking at the expo, get in touch with us for information on how to get involved and showcase your expertise.

Is nursery networking a focus of the event?

Absolutely! Nursery networking is a central theme of the expo. It provides opportunities for professionals to connect, share insights, and build valuable connections within the early years education sector.

When and where does the expo take place?

The expo is held at various locations across the UK. Our next events are London on March 1st – 2nd 2024 and Coventry on September 27th – 28th 2024.

How can I stay informed about event updates and announcements?

To stay in the loop, visit the Childcare & Education Expo website and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news, updates, and special offers.


Why Choose a Childcare & Education Expo Event?


Choosing to attend a Childcare & Education Expo event is a decision that opens doors to a world of opportunities and benefits in the early years education sector. Here’s why our events are the preferred choice for nursery owners, managers, practitioners, and childcare enthusiasts alike.

Our expos, hosted across the UK, are designed to be the go-to destination for those involved in the nursery network and early years education. Whether you’re seeking professional development, innovative resources, or the chance to connect with industry peers, our events offer it all.

At Childcare & Education Expo, we understand the importance of staying current in the ever-evolving world of childcare and education. Our rich learning environment comprises CPD seminars, workshops, and a comprehensive showcase of products and services from leading suppliers. This ensures that you not only stay up-to-date but also gain valuable insights to elevate your childcare and educational practices.

Nursery networking is at the heart of our events. We provide a platform for like-minded professionals to connect, share experiences, and forge lasting connections. These connections extend beyond the event, offering you ongoing support and opportunities within the sector.

Our expos are not just local events; they are part of a global nursery network that transcends boundaries. With attendees and exhibitors from around the world, you’ll have the chance to gain a broader perspective on the early years education sector.

Childcare & Education Expo events are carefully crafted to help you thrive in your role, whether you’re a nursery owner, manager, or practitioner. Join us to explore, learn, and connect with professionals who share your passion for excellence in childcare and early years education. Make the most of your involvement in this dynamic sector by choosing Childcare & Education Expo events as your preferred platform for growth and networking.


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Whether you’re a nursery owner, manager, practitioner, or simply passionate about early years education, our events are tailored to provide you with valuable insights, professional development, and a chance to connect with like-minded individuals. Our expo offers a rich learning environment with CPD seminars, workshops, and a showcase of cutting-edge products and services from leading suppliers.

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