ORIGAMI: Developing cognitive skills through Japanese traditional Craft

24th February 2017

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The Best Children’s Craft Book in the Homemaker magazine Art & Crafts Book Award winner, Mari Ono, at Childcare Expo London for the first time will be presenting her new paper craft sets; Origami by HAPPY ORIGAMI PAPER Ltd.

Origami by HAPPY ORIGAMI PAPER Ltd. Offers multiple variety of origami sets for children of preschool grade to elementary grade. Each set includes a total of 20 coloured origami and 4 designed origami that are all made in Japan. The types of designs range from flowers, animals and even to transportations.

As an educational tool, the origami sets aims to:

  • Enhance the ability of imagination and concentration.
  • Develop dexterity through stimulation of fine motor skills.
  • Build self-confidence through the sense of accomplishment after folding.
  • Act as anti-stress tool for relaxation.

The set is not just a craft but is a craft designed to broaden children’s horizons of skills and intelligence for brain development.

At the event, HAPPY ORIGAMI PAPER Ltd will display the complete line up of origami sets which the visitors can see and experience folding origami papers.

Come and see our HAPPY ORIGAMI PAPER Ltd on stand E37 for a chance to win a set of 6 kinds of Origami sets and 2 Origami books by Mari Ono and limited sale offer of 20% discount off all HAPPY ORIGAMI PAPER merchandise at the stand.


Mari Ono is an expert in origami and is the founder of HAPPY ORIGAMI PAPER Ltd. Since 2005, in corporation with London-based book publisher CICO BOOKS, have published books for over 10 years. The books are sold globally, including the US, and have topped the sales of over 550,000 copies. In addition, the books have sustained high position in the Amazon UKs’ best sellers rank. In the fall of 2016 the ‘More ORIGAMI for Children’ won the Best Children’s Craft Book Award at home maker art and craft book prize by British “home maker” magazine. For more details on HAPPY ORIGAMI PAPER Ltd. please visit their website.

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