Puffin Book Review by Emma Davis

21st December 2017

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You Choose in Space (published 21st September)

Pippa Goodhart (Author), Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

This wonderful book brought back many happy memories for me.  The original ‘You Choose’ was a firm favourite with my two children who are now teenagers.  It was chosen many, many times as a bedtime story, sometimes taking what seemed like forever to reach the last page as they loved it so much.  Our battered old copy shows that it was treasured and well-read for many years.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that a new ‘You Choose’ was to be published – this time, ‘You Choose in Space!’

My thirteen year old daughter spotted this book on the table the day that it arrived and immediately showed an interest.  She flicked through the pages, trying to remain as cool as possible but was soon oooohhing and aaahhhing at the illustrations.  Her suggestion of “let’s read it” really is a testament to its brilliance.

On each page of this book, the simple rhyming text invites children to choose something space related.  They can choose their space job, clothing, hairstyle, friends, food, drink and lots, lots more.  There really is an absolute abundance of choices as fantastically detailed illustrations leap from each page.  It’s very easy to get completely lost in this book as each time of reading, you’re sure to see something new which catches your eye.  The humorous illustrations are certain to bring giggles and laughter to story time.  Who wants to eat rainbow jelly?  Have a pet which is part tiger, part unicorn? Swim with a five eyed alien in a purple pool?  What is so fantastic about this book is the possibilities it offers to build vocabulary.  Children will be pointing things out and naming them, asking questions and listening to your choices too.

You Choose in Space really is a genius book which children (and adults!) will find mesmerising.  Delve into the pages and see what you would choose!

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