A Spectacularly Snowy Childcare Expo in London!

5th April 2018

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Here at the EYN Partnership, we agree on a lot of things. We agree that good nutrition is one of the best ways to set a child up for a promising future. We agree that nursery practitioners, parents, carers and nutritionists alike can and should come together to give young people the best start to life. We agree that lifetimes spent passionate about eating good food, knowing where it comes from, and taking steps to lead healthy lifestyles are strongest if established in the early years. And we agree that Childcare Expo is the perfect opportunity to get this message across!

So, it was fantastic but unsurprising to have so many of our team out and about at the recent London Expo, wearing smiles, EYN Partnership T-shirts and thinking caps ready to answer all visitor questions. Over Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March, the snowy scenes that had descended over the capital couldn’t stop us (we have to say Olympia London was very toasty inside!), and it was really encouraging to be able to speak to so many of the people.

Our EYN Pea made the most of posing for selfies, as well as making his photography friends aware of what it is we do at EYN Partnership. We met so many people all with a passion for the early years, and it was lovely to catch up with many of our neighbours, having met them at previous Expos.

Our Registered Nutritionist Catherine Lippe spoke for us all when she said, “I very much enjoyed spending a Saturday at Childcare Expo, chatting directly with early years practitioners about their passion and enthusiasm for nutrition in the early years. I had some really exciting conversations with nursery managers about the importance of developing good eating habits for children from the earliest possible opportunity. It was great to highlight this shared interest and to demonstrate the ways in which EYNP can support settings making nutrition a priority in their day-to-day practice. Everyone at EYNP had a fantastic time and we hope to see so many of you again at the Manchester Expo in June!”

If you took home one of our free gifts, we’d still love to see any videos of your children singing and dancing to our Healthy Eating Song CD! We, and our EYN Pea, can’t wait for the next showcase, which is heading up north to Manchester from 15th to 16th June. Hope to see you there too, and in the meantime, you can get in touch via hello@eynpartnership.org, https://www.facebook.com/eynpartnership/https://twitter.com/EYNpartnership and https://www.instagram.com/eyn_partnership/.

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