Summer Activities by Twinkl

9th August 2017

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The summer holidays are hopefully all full of sun and adventures but knowing the great British summer there may be times when it’s raining or chilly and some indoor activities are needed. That’s where Twinkl’s huge catalogue of creative, craft activities come to the rescue. With a huge number of art and craft ideas, you’ll be spoilt for choice which is why we’ve come up with a series of blog posts to highlight some of our best and most summery activities.

In this first blog post we’ll be focusing on our activities that need nothing but some paper, some paint and your fingers. We all know children love getting their hands dirty and getting fully involved in creating a piece of fine art and we’ve got five ideas with a summer theme to help keep the little ones busy this summer.

First up is your chance to design a fingerprint minibeast garden. You can use different colour card or try painting your own background to design a garden with lush, long grass and a bright blue sky. Then let the children get their fingers in the paint, use a thumb print for a bee perhaps, a whole finger for the body of a butterfly or drag your finger to leave a caterpillar behind. The possibilities are endless and children will love seeing the minibeasts appear in the garden you’ve designed.

Next up is a fingerprint superhero! Here’s the chance to turn your whole hand print in to a superhero flying through the sky. Choose your colours then get your hand painted, stamp it down on the paper but here’s the trick, drag a couple of fingers behind you to form a cape fluttering in the wind. After that you’re welcome to design a cityscape below or paint some clouds, it’s entirely up to you!

A handprint mermaid gives you and the children a chance to really get your hands involved. You’ll use your hands to design the hair, body, fins and scales of a mermaid. With detailed instructions for this and all of our craft ideas, you’ll have no problem creating a fantastic looking mermaid design and the painted hands will be directed in all the right areas.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of the most well-known and famous children’s books around so what better than designing your own using your hands! Using a set of side to side hand prints with palms painted green and fingers painted brown, you can design a long, hungry looking caterpillar in a matter of minutes!

Finally, what shouts summer more than a sunflower! Design your own painted sunflower by covering your hand in yellow paint then leaving handprints round in circles which looks like leaves dotted around the centre of the sunflower. Using some green card or maybe green paper painted, give it a stem and you’ll have a fun, fully grown sunflower to decorate your house with.

All of these activities come with full and detailed instructions with pictures of each step along the way so you and your children will have no problem designing something that looks like the real thing. Get your hands dirty and your creative juices flowing with these ideas and stay tuned for more great ideas to get your creative juices flowing soon.

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