Things you Never Knew About Santa Claus Book Review

14th December 2017

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By Giles Paley-Phillips and Rowan Martin

Published by Parragon Books

Think you know everything about Santa Claus?  Well, think again!  This corker of a book, full of festive fun, offers an alternative take on the life of Santa Claus – there’s certainly more to him than just delivering presents on Christmas Eve.  The bright, bold illustrations bring the words of Paley-Phillips to life.  There really is so much to spot and giggle at on every page.

The first pages expertly set up the story, drawing us and sparking our curiosity:

‘Way up in the cold North Pole,

Far, far away from you,

Santa Claus is doing things

You just won’t believe are true!’

How can you not want to turn the page to find out more! We soon discover the exciting little-known things that Santa gets up to – not just during the festive season but all year round.  Did you know that he doesn’t just have reindeer but also a pet dragon…which he rides every day?!  Neither did I!

The delightful rhyming text flows expertly and is perfect for reading aloud.  Children will soon be joining in and before long they’ll be using the pictures as prompts to retell the story themselves.  They’ll laugh out loud as they discover Santa’s antics in this truly believable tale of festive fun.  After reading this book, perhaps you’ll think twice about leaving Santa mince pies this Christmas Eve!

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