Twinkl Activities for fast approaching Autumn evenings

10th October 2017

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For the final time this summer, we at Twinkl have put together some of our favourite craft activities to help fill those fast approaching Autumn evenings. As you may have seen if you follow Twinkl on our social media channels we have been celebrating our teaching or parent heroes who inspire and help bring up the next generation. So with this in mind, our theme for this blog is all things superheroes.

Whether it’s Batman, Wonder Woman or Spider-Man, huge numbers of children are fans or viewers of superhero characters. So what better than some heroes themed craft ideas to enjoy making and for your children to play with or wear. We’ve put together a sample of the crafts and activities that are available on Twinkl whenever you need them.

Our first craft idea this week is a very futuristic looking jetpack to help your little heroes ‘jet’ around and stop bad guys. This simple to make craft requires just two plastic bottles, tin foil, ribbon and tissue paper. As usual, our in depth instructions takes you through the activity step by step with pictures and a clear guide to make sure your jetpack ends up looking how it should! Once glue and materials are dry you’ll have an impressive metallic looking jetpack ready to ‘blast off.’
Next on our heroes themed activity list is a set of golden superhero cuffs which look fantastic when finished but are made out of two simple cardboard tubes and decorated using coloured card, paint and with wool or ribbon for an extra special touch.  You also get a set of templates with the resource to help you design a special superhero logo to add to your cuffs. With a jetpack and cuffs, children will be looking like their favourite superheroes with very little effort but a lot of fun!

If you’re feeling slightly artier and want to design something that wouldn’t look out of place on a gallery wall, you might want to download the superhero city picture resource. You’ll start by painting a sky backdrop, using your creative skills to go for a dark night or a lighter day time picture. Using newspaper, you can then cut out building shaped designs and place them onto the backdrop which can then be outlined or added to with black paint. It’s a very impressive design and incredibly simple to do as well as allowing for a lot of creative skills and energy.

You’ll also be able to find craft ideas to create a superhero stick puppet as well as superhero masks and shields on the Twinkl site now. All of our featured crafts come with detailed, step by step instructions and clear, easy to follow pictures to make sure you end up with a craft that can be used and looks great!

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