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30th April 2020

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Ben Kingston-Hughes has been busy creating videos to help parents and people working with children, to give them a fresh look at important issues and a chance to think more deeply about elements of our work with children. Ben will be speaking at Childcare & Education Expo London, Midlands and Manchester!

Like many organisations the current crisis has resulted in a complete stop to our work with children as well as our training sessions for adults. Without the means to pay my staff I had to come up with other ways to bring in income as no one wants to see a middle-aged man hanging about on street corners! I also wanted to do something to help all those settings who were also struggling. The solution seemed simple – I would make video training courses for settings to access whilst on lockdown. What could be easier?

I soon found out that it is not easy at all. I converted my shed to a studio as best I could and began filming. The first week was plagued with broken cameras, dogs barking, a lady three doors down just randomly swearing at the top of her voice and a light falling on my head. I managed to film several hours of footage with the microphone switched off and then suddenly discovered a complete inability to say simple words whilst on video. I now have a huge collection of outtakes which I will put out on facebook at some point!

After 5 of some of the hardest weeks of work ever I have now completed five courses all of which are all proving really popular. We have a working camera and better lighting and after weeks of wearing uncomfortable smart trousers that could never be seen on camera I have now learnt that I can make the videos in comfortable trousers and even my pyjamas – if only from the waist down.

The videos are designed to give people who work with children something a little different whilst on lockdown – a fresh look at important issues and a chance to think more deeply about elements of our work with children. The courses can be accessed at a learner’s own pace and at any time and each is the equivalent of a 3 hour training course split up into bitesize video modules. There are even electronic certificates for your CPD folder. One price allows every member of staff at a setting to access the training.

Making these videos has been fun (sometimes) and has brought in some much needed income but I am looking forward to working with real people again especially at the Childcare Expo where I promise to wear proper trousers!

Video training packages – All now available!

1) The Power of Play to Transform Children’s Lives – £200 per setting

2) Positive Behaviour, Positive Adults, Positive Children – £200 per setting

3) Awe, Wonder and Cultural Capital – £200 per setting

4) Communication and Language – Words of Joy and Nurture – £200 per setting

5) Loose Parts Play, Imagination, Creativity and Critical Thinking – £200 per setting

6) Taster Course – Elements from all 5 courses – £200 per setting (discount off any full course purchased)

Contact for more details and how to purchase.

Ben Kingston-Hughes – Managing Director Inspired Children Ltd

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