Mindfulness Zones

Mindfulness Treetree

New this year, the Childcare & Education Mindfulness Tree gives visitors the opportunity to share mindfulness tips and inspirational ideas to help others in their work. Write your note onto a leaf and place it on the tree to share your views and ideas with the sector.

“There are two gifts that we should give our children, one is roots, the other is wings”

Mindfulness Rocks

Joining mindfulness, creativity and hide and seek all together, bring the fun craze of rock painting and hunting to your setting!

Get creative in the Rocks zone where you can design your own beautiful rock to take away with you and either keep, take back to your settiHope Educationng or hide for someone else to find and brighten their day.

With resources provided by Hope Education, you can design anything you desire, why not try painting some friendly bugs to explore in the undergrowth, some tasty vegetables to get children in your setting talking about healthy foods or simply some positive words to help inspire young minds.

Mindfulness Colouring wall

Mindfulness colouring is a relaxing and calming activity, which is great for adults and children alike, explore your creativity and enjoy a calm and peaceful activity during your visit.

Mindfulness Chill Out Zone

Take time out, relax and enjoy the opportunity to watch the world go by. Our Mindfulness Chill Out Zone is there to help you take the weight off your feet and your mind.

Rock Painting
Sid Sloane - Childcare Expo London
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