Child Care Calendar of Events

If you’re looking for a child care calendar of events, look no further than Childcare Expo – the longest running exhibition in the Early Years sector. We have a huge calendar of events for childcare specialists, with free exhibitions running up and down the country. Come along to one of our events, and you will be able to get your hands on a whole range of resources designed to develop and improve your understanding of the Early Years sector.

If you would like our help to make your business and childcare practices the best that they can be, register your interest today.

Our child care calendar of events is perfect for…

The Childcare Expo exhibition is perfect for all types of businesses and establishments that are designed around providing a service to the Early Years sector including:

  • Nursery staff  Child Care Calendar of Events
  • Nannies
  • Primary school staff
  • Crèche and playgroups
  • Pre-school groups
  • Children’s homes

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to improve and develop your Early Years establishment, then our child care calendar of events is not to be missed. Over the years, 1000’s of people have benefitted from the inspirational speakers and workshops that we have hosted during our exhibitions and this year, we hope you will join them. If you work for any of above, or you’re a child practitioner of any kind, read on to find out more about our up and coming calendar of events for childcare specialists.

Where can you attend one of our exhibitions?

We want our Childcare Expo exhibitions to be available to everyone up and down the country, which is why we have strategically placed our events in the northern, middle and southern parts of the UK. If you like the idea of attending one of the most inspirational shows on our child care calendar of events, find out where we are near you below:

If you’re interested in attending any of the shows in the above places, register your interest for free tickets here.

What can you discover when you attend one of our exhibitions?

Our calendar of events for child care specialists is designed to inspire as many people as possible with the help of informative seminars and interactive workshops.  You’ll have access to a range of invaluable sessions on a vast array of subjects throughout each event hosted in the UK. Here’s a bit more about what you could discover:

Our seminars

Our extensive seminar list is one of the most anticipated pieces of information on our child care calendar of events.  For every day of our Childcare Expo exhibitions, we’ll have a number of keynote speakers voicing the latest theories and discoveries based on the Early Years sector. You’ll be able to gain vital information on the new policies for the up and coming year, while learning new innovative techniques and advances that you could put into place at your childcare establishment.

If you would like to attend our seminars, an additional fee does apply.  You can find out more information regarding our list of events for childcare specialists on your preferred exhibition page.

Our workshops

Our workshops are also hotly anticipated on our child care calendar of events. They provide a fun and interactive way in which to learn the latest innovative techniques in child development in the Early Years sector. When you join us for our workshops, you’ll be able to learn a whole host of low cost or free-to-run activities that will prove to be invaluable in developing a child through their early years – from speech and language to interacting with nature!

Our exhibitors

Our Childcare Expo exhibition isn’t just a great place to learn – it’s a great place to network too. We invite childcare specialists from all over the country to attend our exhibitions.  Choosing to be an exhibitor can benefit your business or childcare establishment by enabling you to:

  • Develop leads for new business opportunities  child care calendar of events
  • Network with senior decision makers in the Early Years sector
  • Showcase and launch new products and promote existing items
  • Raise your profile
  • Inform your audience about your services

If you would like to book a stand at one of the locations mentioned in our child care calendar of events, call us today on 01425 838393 or email us at [email protected].

What other things can you discover?

Our Childcare Expo exhibitions are designed to keep you going all day, and the learning and networking opportunities are endless.  The activities and stands on each day and at each location will differ, however you will find that you gain the same invaluable information wherever and whenever you decide to go. Whichever exhibition on our child care calendar of events you decide to attend, you will have access to:

  • 1000’s of products and services from dedicated suppliers
  • Inspirational themes area to explore
  • Relaxed networking opportunities
  • Exclusive show discounts and offers

Why should you attend our Childcare Expo exhibitions?

We are the longest running childcare exhibition in the country, attracting the most important and influential figures in the Early Years sector.  While attending one of our shows is a great day out for you and your colleagues, it can also be hugely beneficial in developing and enhancing your childcare practice. If you haven’t yet decided whether attending one of our exhibitions is necessary for you and your business, let us round up the benefits of attending our shows:

  • Attend educational seminars to credit your CPD
  • Meet the experts to have your questions answered
  • Receive fantastic onsite offers and discounts
  • Experience expert-led informative hands-on workshops
  • Network with peers and industry players
  • Pick up hundreds of new product ideas and services

How do you go ahead with booking your place?

If you would like to book your place at one of the exhibitions in our child care calendar of events, register your interest here.

If you would like to exhibit at one of our shows, you can apply for your stand here.