Childcare Workshops

Are you looking for fresh inspiration to make your school or settings better? Well, Childcare Expo host the longest-running exhibition for the early years and primary education sector. As well as having multiple speakers and sessions at our events, we also host childcare workshops and seminars. To find out more information, call +44(0)1425 838393.

Take Inspiration from our Early Years and Primary Education Event

If you work in the childcare sector, it is imperative that you continue to create new ideas and strategies to help boost youngsters’ learning and development. Here at Childcare Expo, we host a range of exhibitions across the country to help teachers and practitioners. From workshops to childcare seminars, there is something for everyone to take inspiration from.

When you attend one of our childcare workshops, you will have the opportunity to engage with one another. We host a variety of different workshops, all of which are interactive, allowing attendees to get involved. Chief executives, founders and consultants from various childcare sectors lend their expertise.

For example, at a primary education event, we may have different workshops focusing on specific skills and practices. We can help attendees learn more about mindfulness, skills to promote creativity in children and how to help youngsters become more aware of mental health. The focus of each workshop varies, but you are guaranteed to find one that relates to your sector.

Here at Childcare Expo, we stage numerous events with industry figures who are constantly coming up with innovative ideas. As well as workshops, we host childcare seminars that inspire discussions regarding specific subjects. From language development to introducing healthy eating to children, numerous topics are covered to help boost your business.

Take Advantage of our Sponsorship Opportunities

The beauty of Childcare Expo is that we give you a space to promote your business via multiple methods and channels. If you are interested in our childcare workshops, then feel free to secure a place in the session. If you would like to stand out above your competitors at our exhibition, then you could benefit from the following:

Childcare Workshops

  • Event guide advertising
  • Seminar room branding
  • Visitor bags
  • Branded pens
  • Logo on visitor badges
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  • And more!

Not only do we help you promote your business at one of our exhibitions, for example, a primary education event, but we also welcome speakers. We are constantly on the lookout for figures within the educational sector to host seminars and workshops. If you would like an opportunity to speak at one of our events, then get in touch.

Why Attend One of our Childcare Workshops?

Our main aim is to inspire various businesses, teachers and practitioners to improve their methods. There is always room for growth in the educational sector as we adapt to the ever-changing world. Here at Childcare Expo, we host a range of exhibitions and events, including childcare seminars, to give everyone in the industry a platform.

Our exhibitions are hosted in the Midlands, Manchester and London, allowing individuals and companies from all over the country to benefit from the expertise of others. We have been in operation for more than a decade, so you can trust that we have the experience to host exhibitions. From interactive childcare workshops to informative speeches, we welcome it all.

If you have a large budget to work with or you have a small childminding business with a limited kitty, then Childcare Expo is the right event for you. We have made sure over the years that we cater to all sized companies and settings. This ensures that there is something for everyone to benefit from. As well as childcare workshops and seminars, we host companies who sell products that you may need.

Register Today

You can easily register for one of our Childcare Expo exhibitions online, but if you have any questions about upcoming events, including childcare workshops, give us a call. You can reach us on  +44(0)1425 838393.