Early Years Foundation Stage

Do you work in or are you interested in Early Years Foundation stage? Then you need to book an entry pass for Childcare Expo’s event in London, Manchester or Birmingham – whichever is the most convenient for your business. You won’t regret attending our events today.

The best Early Years Foundation Stage experience  Early Years Foundation Stage

At Childcare, we are devoted to offering the best for those who work with the Early Years Foundation Stage. We host Childcare Expo’s in the following locations London, Manchester, and in the Midlands which gives professionals around the country the chance to visit our expos in a place that is closest.

We believe that the sharing of ideas within the childcare (excuse the pun!) industry is essential for the advancement of our field. Every one of our Childcare Expo’s are free to those who work within the nursery, childcare or early years’ sectors. Our events are perfect for those interested in Early Years Foundation Stage and wish to further their knowledge. If you own a nursery or childcare related business, then you will find that these expo’s are perfect for maintaining and developing the reputation of your business.

You will get to meet industry leading professionals within the Early Years Foundation Stage area who will pass on their tips and knowledge which will raise questions for you in the industry. At Childcare, we don’t just hold seminars, you will have the chance to develop new skills and better old ones in our detailed workshops.

For those interested in Early Years Foundation Stage products, our Childcare Expo events are the perfect opportunity to see the latest products in the industry and see them for yourself. You will then be aware of the best products for your business and keep up-to-date with the latest trends. Many people in the Early Years Foundation Stage find this is useful as it gives them time to incorporate these technologies into their business.

What’s on for those interested in Early Years Foundation Stage?

At Childcare, we are dedicated to ensuring that the Early Years Foundation Stage industry is continually advancing as we are passionate about it and want children to succeed as much as possible as it is our belief that the early years matter the most. When you visit a Childcare Expo event whether it is hosted in Birmingham, London or Manchester, you can expect to experience or view the following.

  • Thousands of products and services from trusted suppliers
  • Enlightening and educational seminars
  • Q & A’s sessions with experts
  • Inspirational workshops for you to try out skills
  • Interactive feature areas that you can explore
  • Opportunities to network with individuals in the field
  • Discounts and offers exclusive to our show

Each shows varies from the last as they have different events, products and seminars for each one.

Register today

If you wish to register for our Early Years Foundation Stage shows then all you have to do is click here. The link will take you to where you need to fill in all of your details to then be able to attend.