Children’s Activities Association Puts Community First by Welcoming All Providers to New Online Group

20th March 2023

Morton Michel

Morton Michel has been working closely with the Children’s Activities Association (CAA) to launch a new Facebook group, the ‘Children’s Activities Community’. The free-to-access group is designed to provide valuable resources and support for all activity providers and anyone looking to start up a business in the children’s activities sector.

Children’s Activities Association (CAA)

The CAA is an industry led, not-for-profit organisation and Morton Michel is proud to be a founding member! Children’s Activities Association members benefit from business support, advice, insights and offers from trusted partners, and the welcoming, inclusive community it provides is often ranked as the membership benefit that activity providers place the most value on. So, to stay true to its core value of welcoming and supporting everyone in the sector, the CAA created this online space open to anyone working in, or looking to start a business in, the children’s activities sector in the UK.

Children’s Activities Community

Everyone who joins the private Facebook group will be part of an online community made up of people with a personal interest in children’s activities. Here, they will have the opportunity to meet other activity providers both locally and nationally. It is a space to celebrate the thriving children’s activities sector, for problem-solving and sharing experiences with peers. The Children’s Activities Community group includes opportunities to network online, to learn from industry experts, free live events and access to exclusive community offers.

“This is a really exciting development for us as a membership organisation because community is so important to all of us. We get great feedback about the advice and support we provide, so by offering this private digital community, we’re able to welcome and support even more people – and that can only be a good thing,” said Mike Dodd, CAA Chairman.

The children’s activities sector in the UK currently operates without regulation and providers sit outside OFSTED requirements, even when activities are delivered in nurseries or school settings. The CAA aims to support children’s activity businesses by encouraging them to be accredited.

The Children’s Activities Association works to ensure the quality of activities provided and to support parents and caregivers in finding activities that are appropriate and enjoyable for their children, from accredited providers.

“We’re thrilled to provide the new Children’s Activities Community group,” said Sue Lee, CAA Board Member and Managing Director, Morton Michel. “We believe strongly in the value of our membership, but we have community at our heart. And the community that we have among our children’s activities providers is incredibly important so we want everyone who wants to be a part of it to be able to do so.”

“As a sector we helped each other navigate COVID-19 and numerous lockdowns, and we continue to support one another with whatever challenges our businesses face. Our new Facebook group is clear evidence of our commitment to the community we represent,” said Mark Rasche, Vice Chairman CAA and Director of Sport & Activity Professionals.

Join the free Children’s Activities Community Facebook group by clicking this link

For more information about the CAA and its membership programme, please visit the Children’s Activities Association’s website.

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