Toddler and Early Years STEM – An Experiment to Try

Sandra Beale, Founder of Toddler and Early Years STEAM

2nd April 2024

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A Toddler and Early Years STEM Experiment to Try

I thought a fun experiment that you could try over Easter and Spring in your Early Years setting could be the Magnetic Suspension experiment. Its great fun and the children at my sessions love it!

Ask your preschoolers or Key Stage 1 children to gather around. They could either sit around the table or stand. I always find being flexible with seating arrangements makes for more enjoyable experiences for Children and their Care Givers.

Once they are settled you could maybe start by asking them if they know what a magnetic suspension is?  Then explain that you are going to show them what magnetic suspension is.

For this experiment you will need a magnetic wand, 6 inches of thread, scissors, paperclips, a yellow or any coloured feather and cellotape.

You could then either hand out a magnetic wand to each child or use just one or two depending on how many you have. Attach the thread to one end of the paper clip and cellotape the other end to the table. Attach the feather to the paper clip, use the magnetic wand to lift the paper clip and then gently tug the paperclip downwards and lift the magnetic wand a bit higher up, the paper clip and feather will suspend almost in thin air, but it’s being pulled by the magnetic force of the magnetic wand.

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