Handwriting skills on the decline

14th November 2017

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Do you think your handwriting is good? Or do you think it could do with some improvement? With many adults admitting that their handwriting is terrible, is it time to put in some time to focus on improving this skill.

Although keyboards and touch screens might be the norm these days, research conducted shows that hand-to-eye coordination, the ability to focus and information retention can be impacted from too much tapping away. There are many positives when it comes to technology, such as speed and efficiency, however, using notebooks and getting back to basics with handwriting can help with memory and absorbing information.

In recent years handwriting skills have been on the decline in younger Children and this is due to the introduction of technology. Whilst technology does have many benefits when it comes to learning, it’s important that we don’t forget important skills such as handwriting. Angela Webb, the chair of the National Handwriting Association states that handwriting is a skill that can support ‘the development of cognitive skills such as reading, spelling and maths’. So, it seems this handy skill is also beneficial for our brains! It can help us to relax and focus the mind, which can be perfect for switching off from the fast-paced digital world we live in.

National Pen has conducted some research into handwriting with some interesting results such as 28% of children aged 11 or under are not able to use joined-up handwriting to connect the letters of a word.  With teachers also stating that they would be able to teach handwriting more effectively in school if they had the support from parents at home, this is something that can be improved!

If you’d like to find out more about how you can help to encourage your child to practise this skill, then you can view this visual piece below or by taking a look here! Maybe you could include it in a fun autumn activity to do at home, along with some other fun activities!

By Megan Salter

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