How to get your kids to embrace tech responsibly

14th February 2017

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Hear from our exhibitors Hopster…

Are you worried about your kids spending time on screens?

Fear not. Screen time can be a brilliant opportunity to teach kids to solve problems, to think creatively and to formulate and organize their ideas independently. To make sure they’re using their screens safely and productively, try the following approaches:

  • Encourage kids to regulate their own screen time: give kids a time allowance for using their screens and let them decide when to use it. Then, let them choose another activity to balance out sedentary screen time.
  • Make screen time interactive not isolating: ask questions: what games and apps do they like and dislike? Who are their favourite characters? Get their imaginations going: what new features and ideas could be used to develop their favourite games and TV shows.
  • Distinguish between the good stuff and the fluff: browse through your kids favourite sites and programmes. Are they the type of thing you want them to be interacting with? If not, suggest alternatives.
  • Keep them safe: look for the KidSafe and COPPA certificates on programmes and games, which ensure that the content complies with the Children’s Privacy Certification Standards and are in fact child-friendly.

At Hopster we believe that your kids; screen time shouldn’t compromise your peace of mind. That’s why we created an ad-free digital playground designed to educate and entertain preschoolers. By weeding out all those nasty ads and picking only high-quality KidSafe and COPPA certified content we make sure that your kids are only interacting with the good stuff. Thanks to our monthly parental reports you can also see how much time your kids are spending on-screen, discover more about their favourite shows and games and start conversations about their developing interests.

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