A Musical Place to Learn

Step into a world where the joy of learning resonates with the harmonious melodies of violins, keyboards, cornets, cellos, recorders, drums, and more. Our skilled staff, adept in the art of musical instruction, will be unveiling the secrets behind our school’s commitment to providing a rich and comprehensive education.

Music holds a special place in our curriculum, weaving its benefits seamlessly into various areas such as maths, SMSC, literacy, and art. Beyond the notes and rhythms, the teaching of music fosters language development, enhances motor skills, builds emotional intelligence, and cultivates collaboration skills.

Recognising the profound impact of playing a musical instrument, we believe it is a vital component of a well-rounded education. Every child deserves the opportunity to explore and excel in music, guided by high-quality skilled specialists. Our dedication to teaching music in the early years is rooted in its power to support the development of crucial skills like hearing, listening, vocalising, singing, moving, dancing, exploring, and playing.

Music isn’t just a subject; it’s a thread that weaves through the fabric of positive relationships and enabling environments. It becomes a vehicle for exploring, communicating, and responding to experiences. Beyond the classroom, music becomes a social experience, shared with parents, carers, and fellow children. It’s a personal journey for each individual, encouraging the expression of feelings and creating a bond that transcends mere education.

Join us at our Feature Classroom, where the language of music becomes a powerful tool for growth, learning, and shared experiences. Witness firsthand how we are shaping young minds through the transformative power of melody and rhythm.

Live Musical Performance’s at Childcare & Education Expo London

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