The challenges of a being nanny

22nd May 2018

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Being a nanny might sound like an easy job for some but everyone who works in the Early years sector knows very well that any job involving little ones is a big challenge itself. Having worked as a nanny for more than seven years has taught me many things especially how to deal with the challenges and difficulties that this job involves.

Being a nanny is a very rewarding job as you get to see how a little one grows and develop with your help. However, it is a very challenging job physically and mentally too. Dealing with babies and especially toddlers is not easy, it requires tonnes of patience, love and dedication. You need to know how to deal with tantrums, routines, fussy eaters, bad behaviour, sleeping problems… but apart from all of this you also need to know how to deal with parents. This has been one of my big challenges as a nanny.

It is not easy to raise a child; it is a big challenge for parents as they need to act the same way with the child with everything and that can be a source of problems. So imagine if it’s not easy to do it with your own partner, just how difficult it can be to do it with a third person who is responsible for the education and wellbeing of your kid: the nanny. For me as a nanny, it has been quite difficult to deal with some situations with the parents. Nannies are normally more strict than parents when it comes to behaviour problems. We have more experience with these situations and we normally see things differently so that creates a problem with the parents. It is not easy to know when to step in or out on a bad behaviour situation when the parents are around. From my point of view, it is very important that the family considers the nanny as a very vital part of the little one’s education so her views and opinions must be considered. It is also true that parents have the final word as they know what they want or prefer for their little one so you always have to respect that as a nanny. My advice on this matter would be that you speak with the parents about these situations from the initial interviews. It is important to know how they deal with problematic situations and what they expect from you. You can offer them some guidelines and help from your professional experience with kids but they will always have their own way to do things and you have to respect that. It has taken me years to understand that some times all you need to do is try to make things easier for the parents but they also need to listen to your advice as you spend a lot of your time with the little one, especially if you work full time and parents work out of the house all day.

Another one of the big challenges for me as a nanny has been to put my personal life or own free time before the parents needs. I was too afraid to say no to extra babysittings or extra work time because I thought parents wouldn’t be as happy with me if I didn’t accept what they ask for. However, I have seen that you just need to be clear and say when you need more free time or just want a rest. Being a nanny requires a lot of attention and you need to be rested and happy to do your best with the little ones so don’t be shy or afraid to say it when you need a break or don’t feel like doing extra hours. These have been my biggest challenges as a nanny, what do you think? Have you experienced the same? I would love to hear about your experiences and comments here or on my blog, so feel free to drop a line. Being a nanny can be challenging but it is one of the best experiences I have ever had!

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