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13th September 2017

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Over the past few weeks you’ve become the master of paper plate and handprint crafts thanks to Twinkl’s great arts and crafts activities. This week things get slightly more involved but the results and the possible crafts are amplified ten times too! This week we’ll show you how, with just a few simple, household items, you can create rockets, seaside ideas and more!

The first activity you can have a go at making is an Incy Wincy Spider Prop which is an amazing looking display of spiders (Incy-Wincy and friends) lurking at the bottom of a ‘drain pipe’.  This fun and good looking area can be made out of nothing than a collection of toilet or kitchen roll tubes, paint, tissue paper and some googly-eyes for that extra touch. This activity will really bring out the creative streak in you and your child as you can design your own spiders and get arty with a ‘water feature’ of sorts. Step by step instructions provided make it really easy for you and whoever you’re making it with to follow and get things looking spectacular.

The second activity definitely worth having a go at is a cardboard tube rocket which any space loving boy or girl will love making and playing with. Again all you’ll need to make this impressive rocket is a cardboard tube, some foil, tissue paper and card plus some colourful paint. In a matter of hours you’ll have a shiny, brightly coloured, ready to fly rocket ship which will be extra valued having made it yourself. With detailed instructions including pictures you’ll have no problem creating the rocket of your dreams.

Next up is an ice cream cone made out of nothing more than card, cotton wool and tissue paper but beware, it is so realistic looking it is advisable not to make it while hungry or you may just be tempted to take a bite. With some careful folding, gluing and designing you’ll have a realistic looking ice cream cone for your child to use in some role play or during play time, looks even better with some beads or small pom-poms drizzled on top as toppings!

The final craft idea this week is brilliant if you’ve been to or going to the seaside and want a little keepsake or alternatively if the seaside is too far away but you want to give your child a small idea. The seaside in a bottle activity recreates a sandy, shell-filled beach in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need for this activity is a small amount of sand, some pebbles and/or shells, some blue food colouring and an empty bottle. With lots of different textures, materials and ingredients you and your child will enjoy exploring and creating your very own seaside scene.

All four of these ideas are available in one giant pack with many of the other craft ideas from the previous weeks’ blogs. Each activity includes clear pictures of each step plus what the finished product looks like as well as explanatory notes and step by step instructions. There are plenty of other craft ideas on Twinkl too including Halloween and Christmas themed ideas for the coming few months.

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