12 Days Of Xmas Book Reviews, Day 5: We’re going on an Elf Chase

By Emma Davis

17th December 2018
We're going on an Elf Chase

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Author: Martha Mumford

Illustrator: Laura Hughes

Publisher: Bloomsbury

We’re Going on an Elf Chase is one of the stand out books for this Christmas.  The gorgeous cover is so appealing, with the cute bunnies, cheeky elves and snowy, festive scene.  I knew this would be special and I certainly was not disappointed.

This fun, Christmassy adventure sees four bunnies chase down ten mischievous elves.

“We’re going on an elf chase

Come and join the fun

Can we catch them all?


Run, run, run.”

Their elf chase through the beautifully illustrated winter wonderland sees them encounter many obstacles which they have to negotiate.  The bunnies need to skate carefully across the ice, watching out for penguins, tip toe past the robins and polar bears, taking care to look out for the cloppy clip reindeer.

We’re Going On An Elf Chase is completely engaging for Early Years children.  The jolly refrains on alternate pages will be quickly learned and children will soon be joining in with the reader. It’s so catchy that it’s the sort of book that stays with you after reading.  The flaps throughout also add to the interactive potential of this book.  I love the element of anticipation and surprise – will there be an elf under the flap?!  The elves are found in sequence from 1 to 10 and each number is written under the flap which is great for promoting number recognition.  Another interesting feature is the map towards the end of the book where children can trace their finger back over the elf chase journey.  Can they remember what they encountered on the way?

With a fabulous Christmassy ending, this is a perfect book for sharing this festive season.  Enjoy!

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