Calling on All Educational Providers to Support a Lifesaving Children’s Charity

07 September 2022

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Calling on all educational providers to support a lifesaving children’s charity with a project on reuse and recycling.

The Children’s Air Ambulance (TCAA) is calling on all nurseries and schools to host a reuse donation bank to support its lifesaving service whilst diverting unnecessary waste away from landfill.

The Children’s Air Ambulance is a national service, changing the face of paediatric and neonatal care through the high-speed transfer of critically ill babies and children – flying them from one hospital to another for specialist care.

Working with 11 NHS Clinical Partner Teams across the UK, the charity’s bespoke clinically designed helicopters provide a flying intensive care unit for babies and children.

With a focus on sustainability and educating the younger generation, the charity is calling on nurseries and schools to host a reuse bank on their premises -accepting donations of clothing, paired shoes and accessories,

“Hosting one of our reuse donation banks on site is a great and easy way to work towards sustainability and divert textiles from landfill while educating children on the importance of looking after their environment,” explained TCAA Business Support Manager, Liz Kelly.

“A reuse bank can be useful for lost property and can be personalised with pictures of your school emblem or posters the children design about reuse and recycling and provides a convenient way of donating to charity for parents and staff,” she added.

On average it takes just 15 full banks to equate to one TCAA lifesaving mission, and this can be achieved quickly with the help of nurseries and schools.

By adding more donation banks across the UK, the charity hopes to make donating more accessible so it can reach more children in their hour of need.

“It’s a great way of supporting our vital charity with its lifesaving transfer missions. The banks are easy to uphold, and you let us know its full, our teams will come and empty them,” said Liz.

The charity also provides many other initiatives for nurseries and schools to get involved in to help raise the £3,500 needed for each transfer mission.

Whether it’s supporting the local TCAA charity shop with a clothing drive, getting involved in fundraising events, hosting a ‘Green Day’ or donating old IT equipment– there are many ways to help the worthy cause.

Youngsters can also get involved in #TheCrew – an exciting children’s club linked to the Children’s Air Ambulance where children can learn about saving lives, helicopters, medicine, fundraising and how a charity works.

The club offers advice and teaching on community work, volunteering, working as part of a team and supporting good causes which form part of many school curriculums.

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