Chinese New Year of the Rat – Craft Project

Friday 10th January 2020

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Help celebrate and talk about Chinese New Year, which starts on January 25 – this year it’s the Year of the Rat. Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival and lasts for 15 days. The end of the celebration is called the Lantern Festival, when houses are decorated with red lanterns and decorations. Red in Chinese culture is the colour of happiness, wealth and prosperity and can bring good luck!

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To make the rats​ you will need:

 Small cardboard tubes​

Thin white card

White & Brown paint​


Eye stickers​

Pink foam​

Black marker pen​

Shredded paper​

Pink pearl bead​


  1. Paint your cardboard tubes white and when dry, paint on patches of fur with brown paint.
  2. Cut out a face from the card and paint as above.
  3. Glue the head to the body.
  4. Cut lengths of shredded paper to create whiskers and glue them to the face.
  5. Make four paws and a tail from the pink foam and attach to the body.
  6. With a black marker pen draw on lines to the tail.
  7. Stick on the eye stickers and pink nose.

You can make an upright rat or a lying down rat​.

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