12 Days Of Xmas Book Reviews, Day 3: Sammy Claws the Christmas Cat

By Emma Davis

15th December 2018

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Did you know that Santa has a cat? This charming, feel-good book tells the story of Sammy Claws, Santa’s pet cat.  Sammy has one wish – he wants to ride with Santa in his sleigh on Christmas Eve and this lovely festive tale follows his haphazard journey to achieving his wish.

Sammy Claws the Christmas Cat is a perfect book for reading aloud to Early Years children.  Even older children would appreciate the escapades of Sammy who turns out to be an unexpected hero.  His adventures are what makes this book funny, exciting and charming.

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and Sammy decides that tomorrow is his day – he will help Santa with the festive preparations and will hopefully be rewarded with a sleigh ride.  However….not everything goes to plan for poor Sammy Claws who likes to sleep a lot.  When he awakes from a nap, he panics that’s he’s too late and as he rushes off to find out, he causes chaos.  Sammy slinks off after a stern ‘watch out!’ from Santa and finds himself a box to take a nap in.  He sleeps through the elves wrapping up his box and sleeps through the box being placed in the sleigh.  Oh no…what will happen to Sammy Claws?!

Santa speeds off in his sleigh on his mission to deliver presents to all the girls and boys.  Sammy Claws wakes, in the sleigh,  as they zoom through the starry skies.  It’s a good job he wakes when he does as he’s about to foil an evil plan to steal all of the presents.  Brave Sammy overhears Bad Billy and Mischievous May plotting their theft and launches himself, still wrapped as a present, at the crooks who slip on the roof and fall into a snowdrift.  Sammy Claws has saved Christmas Day!  Not only does he get a big hug from Santa but he gets a special present all of his own…what do you think it might be?

Sammy Claws is the most perfect unexpected hero – his laziness completely foils us!  Children will love poring over the stunningly detailed illustrations which adorn the glossy pages of this wonderful book.  The double page spread illustrations are beautiful and make Sammy Claws a real treat to share during the festive season.

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